Tuesday 19th June 2012


Fancy a stick-shift super-saloon? This Panamera represents a rare opportunity if so...

I don't know whether to take the credit or the blame for this one: but this Panamera exists largely because of a conversation I had with Porsche GB at the back-end of 2009.

Porsche lent me a manual Panamera 2S for a few days while I was shooting two stories.

I thought they were taking the piss at first, but after a few miles it was clear that the stick-shift saloon was actually a complete hoot.

On my return I begged Porsche GB to spec a manual for the press fleet and one duly appeared six months later. It's the connection between these two events that leads me to the conclusion that I had something to do with its arrival. I know - tenuous at best.

It's a rare old beast, but for me it works. It's not as fast as a Turbo, but it makes a much better noise and it's still got 400bhp. Think E39 M5 performance, plus a little bit more, and you'll get the idea.

Moreover, if you're someone who wishes there was a super-saloon that still had a manual gearbox, this is the only car to fit those criteria.

For going to places far away, very fast, the Panamera remains at the top of my list.




4,806cc V8
Transmission:6-speed manual, rear-wheel drive
Power (hp):400@6,500rpm
Torque (lb ft):368@3,500-5,000rpm
First registered: 2011
Recorded mileage:10,672
Price new: £78,221
Yours for: £54,990


Author: Chris Harris
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