Thursday 16th August 2012


Back to basics GT86 meets brawny 370Z and the inevitable used Porsche alternative

The debate as to whether the GT86 is fast enough rolls on. I think it's indicative of how we have recently become addicted to unnecessary levels of straight-line performance that we think a car which does 0-60mph in 7.4sec (Autocar figures) is plain slow.

Enough power? To enjoy yourself, yes
Enough power? To enjoy yourself, yes
I spent a day driving it around the UK and not once did I think it needed more power. Not given the balance of poke and chassis balance. Right now, it's so sweet it seems a shame to spoil it. I'm sure a turbo will make it mentally sideways and dip into the fives to 60, but that would be a different type of car.

The rivals? The recently overlooked Nissan 370Z and the German curve-ball, otherwise known as a used Porsche Cayman S. The idea being quite obvious: see just how much the GT loses against the Nissan by being over 100hp down, and answering those echoing forum voices who look at the cost of these new toys and yell, incessantly, "You can get a used Porsche for that kind of money!"

Where's your money going?
Where's your money going?
Indeed you can. But it doesn't have a five-year warranty.

We drove motorways, dual-carriageways, a well-known three-sided configuration of Welsh roads - pretty much every road type an owner could hope for - and reached a conclusion that included observations, among others, concerning the '86's freakishly impressive fuel-consumption.

You'll have to watch the vid to find out more.



Author: Chris Harris
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