Tuesday 28th August 2012


Post bank holiday blues? Man-up with a display of true V8-powered Aussie grit from Peter Brock

OK, you can file under classics from the archive. And it kicked a whole threadoff too. But, honestly, if I'm ever having a bit low I just have to fire this video up and in a little over four minutes all seems right with the world again. Seen it before? Watch it again. First time? Be ready to be amazed.

Where to start? The noise is a good place. Brock's 1991 Holden Commodore - a Vauxhall Senator to us whinging Poms - demonstrates precisely how a dull day can be torn apart with a V8, preferably one belching black clouds of hydrocarbons or large licks of flame depending on whether you're on or off the throttle. Not much of the latter here though, Brock definitely doing his bit for global warming with this stupendous display of skill and determination.

You don't have to know anything about Brock, Aussie touring cars or Bathurst to appreciate it either - it's just a perfect demonstration of beyond the limit driving in a real lump of a car devoid of frills and fripperies. Sodding great V8, manual gearbox and an utterly, utterly committed driver fighting it every second of the way. Just look at how close he skims the walls, how much time he spends sideways, off the ground and/or on the very, very limits of grip and savour every last second.

And the commentary just seals it. "Boy, he's putting the boot in!" Too bloody right! Turn it up loud...



Author: Dan Trent
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