Thursday 13th September 2012


Is the 355 the best sounding car of all time? Harris reckons it's right up there...

One of the great things about YouTube is that it serves as a kind of taster menu for the sounds of motor cars. Back in the day, if you wanted to fit a Devil exhaust to your 205GTi, you wouldn’t know what it sounded like until the first time you started the car. If you didn’t like it – tough cookie.

Not so these days. Want to know what music an E92 M3 makes with Akrapovic pipes? – it’s all there.

Now this is partly a nudge for everyone to find their favourite noise clips, but it’s also a chance to worship at the alter of the Ferrari 355’s five-valve V8. Its 400bhp looks pretty modest these days, but this motor makes some of the great car sounds, and this one here is preposterously pleasant on the ears.

Please admire the de-clutch up-shifts delivered purely in the interests of noise.

There’s too much opinion to declare this any kind of ‘best engine noise’, but I’d love to know if anyone genuinely finds the sound of this car unappealing.


Author: Chris Harris
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