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Whether your budget is supermini- or supercar-sized, there's a DB7 for you

So, it's 'official' (again): Aston Martins are cool. Should you be in the fortunate position of being able to spend £135,000 on one, a myriad of options are available. Not only will a new DB9 cost around that much, the same amount will also secure you a barely used V12 Vantage (with change!). And now Virage production is about to cease, expect values of those to plummet also.

But what about something even more exotic? What about a modern Aston Martin that may appreciate in value?

Unique and hugely distinctive Zagato style
Unique and hugely distinctive Zagato style
The DB7 Zagato was unveiled at the Paris Motor Show a decade ago. Predictably, all 99 examples sold out soon after. By grafting the trademark Zagato styling cues - double-bubble roof, swollen wheelarches and circular tail lights - onto a shortened DB7 Vantage body, Zagato produced one of its most beautiful cars. To these eyes, it's an even more cohesive and successful design effort than the recent V12 Vantage and BMW Z4-based Zagato efforts.

The car featured here is one of two in the PH Classifieds. Its classic colour combo of Aston Racing Green with Parchment leather is as flawless as you would expect from a car that has covered just 6000 miles in eight years. Predictably, many Zagatos find their way into collections; to deny people the chance to see these cars seems a shame. Owing to its DB7 Vantage underpinnings, the Zagato gives you access to that wonderful 5.9-litre V12 that's still seeing service in contemporary Astons.

This, or a Focus: you choose
This, or a Focus: you choose
Of course, you don't need Zagato money to secure a V12 Aston, with early DB7 Vantages available for £20,000... But any DB7, whether a Vantage or a Zagato, is one of the prettiest things ever produced on four wheels. Don't forget that some believe the earliest DB7s were actually the finest in terms of aesthetics. Bereft of the extra aggression required by the Vantage flagship, the early six-cylinder DB7 has a simple purity that ensures it looks as good today as it did at launch nearly twenty years ago.

Now, a supercharged DB7 can be yours for £15,000. That means there's more than £100,000 between the bottom rung of DB7 ownership and its summit, a huge figure given that the most expensive car is less than £150k.

The example we found in the PH classifieds is still desirable despite its relatively high miles. The colour scheme is stylish and subdued, services were carried out by Aston Martin until 10,000 miles ago, and it was treated to a reconditioned supercharger this summer.

DB7 cabins are (very) snug
DB7 cabins are (very) snug
Of course, suitable budgeting for running costs is a must, but this car indicates the value now on offer with the first modern Aston Martin. And for some, if there's anything cooler than an Aston, it's one that costs less than a small family hatchback.

Aston Martin DB7 Zagato
: 5935cc, V12
Transmission: Six-speed manual, rear-wheel drive
Power (hp): 440@6,000rpm
Torque (lb ft): 410@5,000rpm
MPG: 12.5
C02: N/A
First Registered: 2004
Recorded mileage: 6,100
Price new: N/A
Yours For: £136,995

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Aston Martin DB7 3.2
: 3239cc straight-six, supercharged
Transmission: Four-speed auto, rear wheel drive
Power (hp): 340@5,600rpm
Torque (lb ft): 362@3,000rpm
MPG: 16
C02: 351g/km
First registered: 1997
Price new: N/A
Yours for: £14,995

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Author: Matt Bird
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