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Wednesday 26th September 2012


G-POWER sorts 1 M's chronic power shortage (eh?) with M3 V8 conversion, supercharged for further lunacy

BMW's 1 M Coupe was the fastest 1 Series ever - but it's still not fast enough for German tuning firm G-POWER. Their lavishly-named G1 V8 Hurricane RS is, they say, how the 1 M Coupe should have been when it came through the factory gates.

Obvious stripe joke is obvious
Obvious stripe joke is obvious
The standard 360hp engine makes way for a 4.0-litre M3 V8 unit that's been supercharged to produce 600hp at 7,800rpm and 354lb ft at 3,900rpm. The gunmetal 'pocket battleship' look is perfectly understated for autobahn-prowling.

Certainly looks like it's been geared for that: the DCT gearbox conversion delivers 0-62mph in a respectable 4.4 seconds, but 0-125mph comes up in a skirt-gathering 12.7 seconds, with a V-max of 205mph.

Other G-POWER accoutrements include a 20-inch Silverstone Diamond wheel set, G-POWER carbon fibre bonnet and boot lid, GM1-RS Clubsport coilover suspension and ceramic brakes.

No word on price, but we're talking about a genuine contender in the 'ultimate sleeper' stakes here - it won't be cheap.

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