Wednesday 3rd October 2012


If you can't drive it flat out you may as well geek out over the engineering...

I arrogantly started mentally drafting this story with an intro along the lines of 'somehow the Enzo seems to have passed me by...' as if I had some god given right for it not to have done. But bear with me! It kind of did, insomuch as I ever stood a chance of getting near it.

Enzo geekery ahoy!
Enzo geekery ahoy!
The F40 is 'my' mega Ferrari of choice, which is probably down to my age and its arrival coinciding with my awakening to such things. Since then I've been lucky enough to get up close to a few Ferraris, even drive a couple of them. But the Enzo? Dunno, it's just not a Ferrari that's ever really captured my imagination for some reason.

And then James at DK Engineering sent me this little vid and I think I had a bit of an awakening. Just how much fun can you have with an Enzo on busy public roads in the Home Counties? Not much if you're looking to explore the outer reaches of its performance. But plenty if you choose to fetishise its engineering, geek out over the details and basically, and for want of a better word, make a little Enzo grumble flick.

Time for an Enzo revival?
Time for an Enzo revival?
So if you're expecting 200mph plus, clouds of Harris-esque tyre smoke and a white knuckle ride then, sorry, you'll be disappointed. If, however, a little quiet reflection on what makes the Enzo special, why it's more than a mere supercar and appreciation of some of the nerdy 'aw, now THAT'S cool' detail is enough then brew up, sit back and enjoy. Who knew there was so much to enjoy looking at a pedalbox, eh?

Pics: Alex Penfold


Author: Dan Trent
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