Wednesday 10th October 2012


Nice little vid about one man's love for his Countach and why it means no more Big Macs!

Time For Tea?’s occasional morning counterpart, Time For Coffee? returns with a pleasing little eulogy to the Lamborghini Countach, courtesy of, a new site involving Depth Of Speed’s Josh Clason. We’ve enjoyed Josh’s work before, Time For Tea? featuring his beautifully shot retro GT-R vid a little while back. Petrolicious would seem to be taking a similar path of thoughtful, indulgent little videos of beautiful cars. Which is something we can probably all get behind – all power to ’em!

Shock and awe under the Californian sun
Shock and awe under the Californian sun
This one is a pretty straightforward tale of one man’s love for his Countach. No tyre smoke, no sideways action, no redline-troubling VMAX runs, just someone talking about why he loves his Lambo, despite (perhaps because of) all its practical difficulties. And, in a pattern repeated by all the Lamborghini owners we met on our day in an Aventador, he too started his love affair at a young age with a poster on the wall and seems commendably awestruck that life has afforded him the opportunity to own the real thing a few years down the line. Hope for us all yet, perhaps.

So here you go. And doesn’t a white Lambo look stunning under Californian sun…

When Outrageous Was Possible from Petrolicious on Vimeo

Author: Dan Trent
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