Monday 29th October 2012


70s Italian supercar with temptation written all over it ... bella!

Maybe it's riddled with tin worm and at some point in the first few miles of ownership some bits of metal within the engine stand a good chance of whacking some other bits of metal they shouldn't ever touch, but hang on a minute.

Utterly gorgeous and temptingly cheap...
Utterly gorgeous and temptingly cheap...
Doesn't this look like a lot more than £25K to you?

I know, I know - it's only got a 220hp V6 and the one on Top Gear was producing about half that, but just look at it. I think it's so pretty.

Black suits it well, as do tan innards. It'll cost a reasonable sum to stop it falling apart and you can pretty much guarantee that on the few sunny UK days you actually want to use the thing it will refuse to start. At which point you will become a proper 70s Italian car fan.

If, like me, you would love to own a Bora but flinch at the prices, the Merak SS must be the next best thing. This or a Focus ST?

Actually, don't answer that.

Why you should: Utterly seductive alternative to a modern hot hatch...
Why you shouldn't: ...the potential for financial and emotional ruin that any 70s Italian sports car threatens

See the original advert here. And while you're at it have a browse of some of the other stuff on the dealer's stocklist!



Author: Chris Harris
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