Thursday 1st November 2012


Sod the shopping, ogle automotive icons in the Best of British display instead

If you're able to get to central London this Saturday the Regent Street Motor Show is back offering a fine alternative to shopping.

You can't fault the setting - the normally traffic-choked street is shut and the cars are displayed along the southern length.

The display PistonHeaders should aim for this year is Best of British – cars from the last 60 years. Among the 30 on show are a Jaguar XK140, an Aston Vanquish S, Lotus Elite (we're assuming the first one!), a Morgan Aero 8 and Aeromax, an original Lotus 7, Ariel Atom, McLaren 12C and two Bristols (fnarr, etc - Ed.). If it's like last year, access to the cars is excellent.

If you're into the pre-1905 veteran cars that'll be chugging their way down to Brighton this Sunday, they'll be on display with passenger rides available to amuse the kids.

This year promises a wider range of cars
This year promises a wider range of cars
You might want to avert your eyes but there's also a strong electric car focus, with vehicles entered into the RAC Future Car Challenge returning from their start in Brighton that morning. Look out for challengers needing a last-gasp top-up from a generator, as happened last year!

According to the organisers you can have a drive of some of the electric cars. We recommend a Twizy from Renault if it's available - highly amusing.

So yes, something for everyone, including other halves who'd prefer to spend the day trying on clothes. There's even some man shopping down there - Apple, Bose and the new Lotus store.

The show is open this Saturday (Nov 3) from 10.30am to 4pm.

Author: NickGibbs
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