Monday 5th November 2012


Nothing like being told you can't do something to make you realise how much you love it

Every now and then, when you have one of those serious chats about the joys of driving, someone will likely raise their eyebrows and wheel out that old 'driving's a privilege not a right of course...' line. And it'll likely go in one ear and then out the other.

Until, like me, you suddenly face a doctor telling you you're not allowed to drive for a year. Which, given my line of work, does suck somewhat. But it's One Of Those Things there's no argument or discussion with. Mr Loophole could give you a fighting chance against the courts. But even he'd be powerless against the docs.

None of this nonsense for a year...
None of this nonsense for a year...
It's clearly a huge practical inconvenience but, of course, to the likes of us driving is about more than just transport. I still get an almost childlike glee from making a car go, stop and corner that's not diminished one bit in the near two decades I've been doing it and the thought I'm not allowed to do it for another year is gutting to say the least.

What does this mean for PH though? Absolutely nothing! I might not be able to drive cars for a bit but I can sure as hell talk, write and think about them as much as I ever did and the team will shortly be back up to full strength (more on this soon) so between us there's no shortage of driving talent around. And I've already had some interesting offers of ways I can keep my hand in that I'll be following up in due course. For whatever reason I'm guessing I'll not be the only person on here who's had to face an involuntary period on the subs bench and I'll be sharing my experiences as a non-driving car nut on occasion here. But I'd be interested to hear how others have coped.

Answers below much appreciated...






Author: Dan Trent
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