Friday 23rd November 2012


We asked our Twitter followers to send us pictures of their cars and literally hundreds responded...

Browsing the forums it's easy to see that PHers come in all shapes and sizes. Some like new supercars while others prefer classics, and while many like a hot-hatch, for others only a wafty barge will do. 'Eclectic' sums us up best.

Yesterday we asked our twitter followers to send us a picture of their cars using the hashtag of #PHerscars, and hundreds did just that. To say the selection of cars was diverse would be an understatement, and so overwhelmed were we with the response we just had to share some of the cars with you here today. The small selection chosen below shows that PH is a broad church, a place for all enthusiasts to get together, and long may that continue. Thanks to all of you for the support you give us.

Keep sending us your cars and we'll publish a few more next week.

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More submitted cars can be seen here

Author: Garlick
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