Wednesday 28th November 2012


Land speed record holder Andy Green talks speed in a Bentley Mulsanne at Bonneville

Hitting 200mph would be a landmark event for many of us. For Wing Cdr Andy Green it’s a potter to the shops.

This is the man who’s driven the fastest out of anyone in the world – 763mph, to be precise, a record that was set back in 1997, and that still stands 15 years later.

And if Green has his way, he’ll be the one to break that record by topping 1,000mph in the Bloodhound SSC.

Which is why taking a standard Bentley Mulsanne to 200mph on the Bonneville Salt Flat was probably a bit of an anti-climax for him. Nevertheless this new video still makes for great viewing.

Firstly, there’s the car itself: the new Mulsanne is a handsome beast, and shot here against the white flatness of the salt, with the sun glinting off its flanks, it looks good, if a tad out-of-place.

Then there’s the content: between remarking, entirely unprompted of course, about how magnificent this new Bentley is, Green shares his thoughts on the future of speed, including the land speed record itself.

Watch and enjoy!



Author: Scrof
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