Wednesday 5th December 2012


PH joins BMW in Munich for concept preview but pics are already doing the rounds

PistonHeads is in Munich today to get an advance look at the latest crop of BMWs heading our way in coming months, including the new 4 Series coupe. This rebrand of the two-door 3 Series makes the coupe a more distinct model, but the two remain closely related much as the 5 and 6 Series already do.

Sleeker lines for 4 Series coupe concept
Sleeker lines for 4 Series coupe concept
We'll be finding out more about the car later on today but pictures of the concept version, due at Detroit in the new year, have already leaked out. And they reveal a sharp-looking car not entirely unlike a smaller, tougher 6 Series with a much sleeker profile than two-door 3 Series have traditionally enjoyed.

Other than the side gills - which may or may not be concept garnish - it's a clean, assertive design very much in keeping with BMW's current design language.

Watch this space for more information from the preview event as we go along.

Author: Alex Robbins
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