Monday 17th December 2012


Brundle, Bell and Danner bring some noise to your morning coffee break

Chances are you’ve already seen – and heard – this F-Type promo video that went out on Friday. But in case you haven’t and you’re finding the Monday morning fug a little difficult to clear get yourself a coffee and annoy your colleagues with the following little ditty.

By all means file under pre-launch propaganda and hype for the forthcoming F-Type, because that’s what this prototype drive by three famous racing drivers led by Jaguar ambassador Martin Brundle is all about. Brundle is joined by Christian Danner and Justin Bell for a bit of a shakedown around Snetterton and the surrounding roads in F-Type prototypes, with a silent cameo from Jag’s development guru Mike Cross. Who, as it happens, we were hanging out with last week too. More on this – and from Mike – in due course.

For now we’ll let the F-Type do the talking. And it appears in fine voice.


Author: Dan Trent
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