Tuesday 8th January 2013


It's official. Well, according to some people who've done a survey, anyway...

Much mention has been made on the PH forums of the lesser-spotted powerfully-built director. It’s a breed that surfaces occasionally on the boards, stalking lightly through General Gassing and waiting for the perfect opportunity to pounce on a thread which allows it to give the maximum possible exposure to its fleet of high-performance cars And, if the results of a survey out today are anything to go by, these unusual creatures also happen to be the fastest drivers in the country.

To be precise, the survey, carried out by MoneySupermarket, suggests that those with the job title of ‘Operations Director’ drive the fastest of any profession around. So, it would seem, not only do these beasts have a garage full of muscular machinery, but they also drive them in a pretty thrusting manner too. Not sure about the rest of you, but that doesn’t come as a great surprise to us. Also unsurprising are second and third places on the list, which go to surgeons and sales directors, while fourth place goes to a different kind of director – that of the more common-or-garden ‘managing’ variety.

At the other end of the list, things are less obvious: if you work in a cafe or a building society, or you’re a full-time student, it turns out you’re apparently the least likely to be a speed demon; also surprising is that younger drivers are less likely to be convicted of speeding than those aged 40-49, who apparently represent the greatest risk rate.

So, if you count yourself as one of the PH powerfully-built massive, watch out – they’re onto you...

Author: Alex Robbins
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