Tuesday 15th January 2013


100-year milestone is celebrated with a squirt of paint and a smattering of special leather

Evidently our little retrospective on models past wasn’t quite enough of a celebration for Aston Martin of its 100th year in business, as the company’s just announced a quartet of special editions to mark the occasion.

'Graduated' paint finish. No, we're not sure either.
'Graduated' paint finish. No, we're not sure either.
A Centenary Edition of the V8 Vantage, DB9, Rapide and Vanquish will all be available, with just 100 examples of each to be sold. Changes won’t be expansive – they’ll amount to a ‘unique graduated’ paint finish, whatever that means, as well as sterling silver Aston Martin wing badges on the outside. Meanwhile, inside the Centenary Editions will get ‘Deep Soft black leather’, which previously only featured in the One-77, as well as contrast silver stitching and embroidery in the headrests and a sterling silver sill plaque.

What’s more, if you order one, you’ll get a unique presentation box containing a number of gifts, such as glass keys, bespoke key pouches, solid silver cufflinks, a Rollerball pen and Bang & Olufsen headphones. All of which is lovely, but perhaps a little less trinketry and a little more oomph wouldn’t have gone amiss, as would befit Aston’s illustrious past? Not that it will matter too much; these Centenary Editions are sure to be snapped up, at any cost. Which is handy, because prices are strictly on application.

Author: Alex Robbins
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