Tuesday 22nd January 2013


Finally! 344hp Nismo 370Z coming to Europe - full details

The Juke Nismo (drive story to come shortly...) is just the start for the Nissan Motorsport performance brand in Europe. Here's what's coming next - a 344hp version of the 370Z.

First pukka Nismo 370Z for European drivers
First pukka Nismo 370Z for European drivers
This shouldn't be an enormous surprise, given there are already Nismo variants of the muscular Cayman rival on sale in Japan and the USA. But the 370Z gets special treatment for Europe, to suit "both road conditions and tastes."

Compared with the standard car, the Nismo will prompt comments along the lines of 'not shy' thanks to its aerodynamic bodywork revisions and red 'pinstripe' detailing.

The former includes a 'double canard' front bumper treatment with aggressive lower lip, and a not insubstantial rear wing and diffuser. Slithers of wheel arch spats smooth airflow up front and accommodate new 285-section rear tyres (up from 275 on the standard car). All told, the Nismo is now said to approach 'GT-R levels' of downforce, resulting in 'zero lift.'

Alcantara and (clearly faster) red stitching feature
Alcantara and (clearly faster) red stitching feature
The latter is - thankfully? - limited to accents, including singular lines on the door mirrors at present (though heaven knows this could change for production). This format is echoed on the inside, where black Alcantara and red stitching feature heavily. Welcome detail changes include extra bolster support for the electrically operated seats.

Alongside the increase from 328hp at 7,000rpm to 344hp at 7,400rpm, Nismo also sees torque rise from 267lb ft to 273lb ft. While this continues to peak at 5,200rpm, we're promised improved throttle response was the priority, so the 3.7-litre V6 should feel livelier from as little as 2,000rpm. A bespoke exhaust system certainly guarantees extra noise.

Suspension mods include revised '15-20 per cent stiffer' springs and dampers, though Nismo has resisted dropping it more than 'about 10mm' in order to maintain acceptable amounts of travel for the road. 19-inch wheels are standard, wrapped in bespoke Bridgestone Potenza rubber, while brake upgrades are limited to rigid hoses and fluid from the GT-R.

16hp boost and improved response too
16hp boost and improved response too
The differential remains the same viscous limited slipper, and it will only come equipped with a manual gearbox. "You need to converse with your car," says the man from Nismo. Quite.

No word on pricing yet, but the fruitier 370Z is set for UK launch in June-July 2013.






Author: cjhubbard
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