Wednesday 23rd January 2013


Latest press release from Korea announces... erm... something...?

Contrary to popular belief, we’re not in the habit of copy-pasting press releases here at PH, believing instead that it makes things a whole lot more interesting if we bring the information to you with a bit of personality. Or something approximating it, anyway.

But we’re making an exception today, because we’ve had a press release through from Kia that really made us smile. Here it is, in its entirety:

Mischievous and friendly? If you say so...
Mischievous and friendly? If you say so...
‘Kia is set to deliver a provocative and racy new urban concept car at this year's Geneva Motor Show.

With the company's signature tiger-nose morphing into a mischievous, yet friendly, grille and headlight arrangement, coupled with strong styling lines that exude speed and energy from every angle, Kia's newest concept vehicle is guaranteed to attract attention.’

All of which is delightful, we’re sure you’ll agree. We’d love to tell you more about the car itself, but sadly, that’s all we’ve got. The pictures attached to the release suggest it’ll be a bluff, Juke-style crossover, though, which is rather a shame as we were hoping for a provocative-and-racy coupe or hot hatch. Still, at least we now know what a mischievous-yet-friendly grille and headlight arrangement looks like, eh?

Author: Alex Robbins
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