Thursday 24th January 2013


McLaren teases P1 hypercar with track footage and scenes of men with laptops looking serious

Lock up your daughters, the hypercars are coming to town! Chris Harris may have asked recently exactly what use they'll be to anyone but McLaren, Porsche and Ferrari are all working on vehicles that push the boundaries of road car performance (that you can't actually enjoy on any road, anywhere) and bringing unheard of tech to those willing to invest seven-figure sums for the pleasure.

Go on then, name that track...
Go on then, name that track...
Easy to be cynical when all you've got is a motor show concept and a press pack to go on. Less so having seen a video of the thing running, the thing in this instance being McLaren's P1. And damned cool it looks too. A blue exhaust flame akin to that on the Millennium Falcon helps with those hypercar allusions and lots of film of earnest young men with laptops and graphs and stuff overlaid on top of footage of a P1 test car out there giving it some on an undisclosed test track underlines This Is Serious.

Marks for outstanding geekery extend to the camouflage applied to this test car, McLaren admitting to an 'obsession for detail' that means the disruptive pattern applied to the bodywork is actually comprised of outlines of circuits significant to McLaren's five-decade racing history. OK, OK, that's pretty cool.

Anyway, make a brew, brace yourself for some hypercar hyperbole and enjoy the vid.



Author: Dan Trent
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