Thursday 7th February 2013


Radical RXC escapes the showstand and finally hits the track...

There can be little to make a petrolhead want a particular car more than a video of said car being driven hard, set to rousing music. Clearly, that’s something Radical’s aware of, if this latest release on its YouTube channel is anything to go by.

Ooh, atmospheric.
Ooh, atmospheric.
It shows Radical’s next big thing, the RXC, alternately being fettled in a pit garage and being put through its paces. There are a few words from Phil Abbott, Radical’s technical director, before Phil then exits stage left to pilot the new car, leaving us with nothing but the RXC’s fantastic soundtrack, provided by the Mustang-sourced 3.7-litre V6, and a rather filmic backing track.

Having last seen the RXC on a static display at Autosport, it’s pleasing to see it moving under its own steam, and it’s also good to note that development in full swing. With a kerb weight just over 900kg and 385hp, it promises to be just as shockingly quick as Radical’s previous efforts. Sounds like fun. When can we have a go?



Author: Alex Robbins
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