Wednesday 13th February 2013


Plenty of chat today about Merc's new A45 AMG - vid and price hints here to fuel it further

Oh AMG. Your cars are generally pretty sound. But, please, less of the pretentious music on your vids and let's just hear some engine noise - it's what you're good at!

Fancy seats included on standard £36K spec
Fancy seats included on standard £36K spec
That little rant out of the way those of you interested in the A45 AMG - and that'd be quite a lot of you going by the response to our earlier story - may want to take a gander at this little video supplied to us by Mercedes.

It also comes with a little further information on pricing, a hot topic on the discussion thread that followed the original news piece. Our source says "the car will cost around £36K when ordering opens in April, not the £50K being estimated." So that's us told! The point is also made that the white car in the original press pics more or less reflects the standard spec for UK cars too, meaning the black 18-inch wheels and racy seats will both be standard.

Given that discussion is already flowing off the back of the original news story here's the link to the original story and comment thread.


Author: Dan Trent
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