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Tuesday 19th February 2013


Lotus F1 owner Genii pumps money into celebrated builder of exotic Porsche-based specials

Partly thanks to the German legislative need to register as a manufacturer in its own right, a lot due to 'that' video of a bloke in slip-ons tearing up the 'ring in the Yellow Bird and, more recently, video game celebrity status Ruf is now more than just a tuner. And attracting the attention of big investors keen to use Alois Ruf's near half century in the business to really make the leap to the big time.

Self-built V8 in the back of a 911 - ambitious
Self-built V8 in the back of a 911 - ambitious
The investor in question? Genii Capital, which has been announced as a 'shareholder and strategic partner' with founding partner Gerard Lopez becoming a non-exec board chairman at Ruf. So what interest does an F1 team owning investor have in a company like Ruf?

Well, the engineering expertise of Ruf has, over the years, been well proven. The Yellowbird was hitting 200mph-plus before the big boys started doing it as a matter of course, and with forays into self-built electric Porsches, V8-engined 911s and its own 750hp CTR 3 supercar there's no lack of ambition.

"Today the brand is also connected to younger generations through its appearance in number one selling driver computer games, opening the potential to new buyers all across the world," says Gerard Lopez in the press release confirming the deal. "The high performance vehicle market is going through a fundamental transition with emerging markets and alternative propulsion solutions paving the way for RUF's future."

CTR3 takes Ruf beyond 'mere' uprated 911s
CTR3 takes Ruf beyond 'mere' uprated 911s
So where the current generation of supercar buyers - predominantly European and American - grew up with posters on the wall the next - in the Middle East, China and Russia - dreams of the cars through videogames. And here Ruf has a foothold already.

See confirmation that the first homegrown Middle Eastern supercar, the W Motors Lykan, will use Ruf power at its heart for where this is going.

Interesting times for the future then. But if you're from the old-school of supercar dreamers this flatnose Ruf Turbo for sale at Specialist Cars Of Malton might be a more immediate way of enjoying that famous need for speed.

Ruf's 80s heyday - yours for £70K
Ruf's 80s heyday - yours for £70K



Author: Dan Trent
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