Friday 22nd February 2013


OK, we've had a bit of a thing for Alfas this week; we'll cap it with this lovely little video

After looking at Autodelta's greatest hits from its 50-year anniversary - celebrated here - and a GTA Pic Of The Week our Alfa Romeo awareness has been heightened. You wait for one and three come along at once and all that but we can't resist sharing this lovely little vid from the ever dependable Petrolicious of a bunch of Californian enthusiasts out for a bit of a razz around Willow Springs in a selection of lovely old Alfa Romeos.

You'll often hear the language of obsession in association with old Alfas too - Alfaholics, Alfaholism, etc - and given that you'll hopefully forgive our temporary slide into the same. Hard not to seeing, and especially hearing, the cars in action. Loving the Polizia Giulia too!


[Source: Petrolicious]


Author: Dan Trent
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