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Friday 1st March 2013


Austrian track special upgraded with... erm... a windscreen and doors

A set of official images released by KTM this morning shows what the new X-Bow GT will look like.

Windscreen makes this the X-Bow for softies
Windscreen makes this the X-Bow for softies
There are no official stats yet released, but the rumour mill suggests the GT will sit between the X-Bow Clubsport and the X-Bow R, with a 285hp, 310lb ft version of the VAG 2.0-litre TFSI lump

The pictures reveal not only that Bono is moonlighting for KTM as a test driver, but also that, as was predicted last year, the GT will be the first X-Bow to feature the lily-livered plushness of… er… a windscreen, and even actual doors.

No word yet on performance, but we’ll bring you more when we get a full reveal at next week’s Geneva Motor Show.

Author: Alex Robbins
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