Tuesday 5th March 2013


Can Lamborghini steal the supecar limelight? Can Stephen Winkelmann's shoes get any more pointy?

You can't blame Lamborghini for wanting to try something to rain on the Ferrari/McLaren hypercar parade, especially in its 50th anniversary year and all that.

That this 'something' happens to be a trio (one for each colour in the Italian flag) of super exclusive, Aventador-based monsters with 750hp, 0-62 in 2.8 seconds and 'eye catching' aero is a very Lambo approach of dealing with the problem, even if it is effectively what Pagani was doing with the various more extreme Zonda derivatives five years ago. Still, they've apparently sold all three so job done.

Its cover blown, the Veneno is now officially official
Its cover blown, the Veneno is now officially official
No hybrid nonsense here either - simply ramp the outrageousness of the visuals up a few notches, add a zero to the price, step back and enjoy the adulation. The only thing blunting the edges on boss Stephen Winkelmann's famously sharp suits is the fact his hoped for 'breathtaking surprise' at the show press conference would be nothing of the sort after Sunday's pre-show leak of the story.

So Lamborghini brought it along to the VW group preview night instead, the single spy shot not doing justice to the full madness of the Veneno's looks. It's bonkers. And, whisper it, there's more than a hint of Audi's influence in the R18-style aero, longitudinal fin and all. In the usual fashion it's named after a fighting bull, the eponymous Veneno famous for 'winning' his contest in a fight in 1914. "And you all know what that means," said Winkelmann, with a sinister smile. Yup, the Veneno is truly a killer!

So that's the Veneno. Anything else to report from Lamborghini? Well, we've got the full range of 'regular' cars so soft and hardtop versions of the Aventador and Gallardo. Spectacular in their own right. But wait until you see what Mansory has done to the former...



Author: Dan Trent
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