Thursday 7th March 2013


"I was just waiting at the lights, when suddenly..."

Waiting at a red light can be pretty darn tedious, no? You see it turn to amber, the taxi in front of you makes it through but you do the right thing and jam on the anchors, condemning yourself to what feels like a 43-year wait while seemingly every other possible road on the junction gets to flow freely through in front of your very eyes. Yeah, we love traffic lights, us...

Red light spells... well, a pit stop, actually
Red light spells... well, a pit stop, actually
Still, a red light isn’t always such a bad thing. For example, it gives the Ariel AtomCup boys a perfect excuse to dive out of a crowd of bystanders and execute a full pit stop. Eh? Yep, you read it right – and slap bang in the middle of London, no less.

It’s a ballsy bit of work, and a very neat publicity stunt for the one-make race series – one we can’t help but be won over by. The looks on the faces of the confused bystanders alone is worth the watch. Note, too, the way the crowd grows as people are drawn like moths to a flame as the whole thing takes place. 30 seconds is all the ‘stop’ takes, and the crew actually finishes way before the lights change. Top work.



Author: Alex Robbins
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