Tuesday 12th March 2013


Reports from the launch are positively effervescent - and in this video, the new fast Fiesta looks a right hoot

Our man Dom Holtamís currently over in the South of France being given the chance to thrash the new Fiesta ST senseless around the hills above Nice. Tough gig, eh? The good news is that the noises coming back from Provence sound good: the new Fiesta, it seems, is a bit of alright. Weíll have a full road test coming to you soon, but for now, to get you in the mood, here's a video Ford's just released of test driver David Put hooning the new ST around its proving ground at Lommel.

"Yes, I'll take two boxes of oversteer, please..."
"Yes, I'll take two boxes of oversteer, please..."
It isnít easy to make a wet weekday afternoon in Belgium look exciting, but the ST does. Bounding over the humps and twists of the this cracking track, it looks every bit the classic hot hatch Ė an impression thatís confirmed every time Put coaxes the little Fezzie into another bout of lurid, rear-wheel-cocked lift-off oversteer. Fordís assertion that itís only too happy to engineer its cars to be a little more tail-happy these days is strongly evident here, then. It sounds good, too, thanks no doubt to the sound symposer Ford debuted on the Focus ST that does a grand job of conveying some of the engineís induction noise into the cabin.

So while Dom brings back our verdict on the new car, the rest of us are sitting here salivating at the prospect of getting a go back here in the UK. This video might be a bit of PR hype building, but weíll confess, itís done its job well.

Author: Alex Robbins
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