Monday 29th April 2013


Who does what on PistonHeads

Ever wondered who makes this whole thing tick? No. Oh. Well, here we all are anyway!

In addition to the homepage and forums you can can follow us via Twitter on @PistonHeads, at Google+ and on Facebook - our individual feeds and details are contained in the profiles below.

Name: Dan
What Dan does: Editor
Years of service: Two, near enough
Dan's dream car: "Porsche GB's Riviera Blue 997 GT3 press car. Off the top of my head..."
Dan's actual car: "A cheapy Eunos Roadster with a noisy exhaust. Several bicycles, each of which cost considerably more than the Mazda."
What Dan loves about working on PistonHeads: "It's geeky, the banter flows in abundance and anyone showing signs of taking themselves too seriously has it ripped out of them mercilessly in seconds. Same as the office!"
Follow Dan on Twitter: @Trent_Dan

Name: Chris Harris
What Chris does: Writes about cars and does the odd video.
Years of service: Who's counting?
Chris's dream car: "How the hell am I supposed to answer that in this space? Not an MX-5. Actually, it changes every day."
Chris's actual car(s): "Peugeot 205XS, Citroen AX GT, Range Rover Classic, Audi S4, BMW M5 E28, Merc E320 cab, Ferrari 599. And a few others."
What Chris loves about working on Pistonheads: "Biggest motoring community in Europe. Some madness here, but more than offset by frequent displays of genius. Never boring."
Follow Chris on Twitter: @Harrismonkey

Name: Matt Bird
What Matt does: "Spends too long in the classifieds 'doing research', makes tea, occasionally writes."
Years of service: "PH fresher."
Matt's dream car: "Lexus LFA. Blue with anthracite wheels."
Matt's actual car: "An R-reg Honda Civic VTI that smells like pizza and has three electric windows."
What Matt loves about working on PistonHeads: "The sense of immediacy and connection with the readership. Nowhere else can you receive such a wide range of opinions or access such a huge knowledge base so quickly. It's a cliche but you really do learn something new every day."
Follow Matt on Twitter: @PHMattB (and it's a new account so more followers are certainly welcome!)

Name: (Paul) Garlick
What Garlick does: Nobody is really sure
Years of service: Many
Garlick's dream car: "80s Aston Martin Vantage X Pack."
Garlick's actual car(s): "TVR Chimaera 4.0, Maxda MX-5 1.8is."
What Garlick loves about working on PistonHeads: "Never sleeping, having tired eyes from 24/7 forum browsing, being skint from buying too many cars, standing on the gate at Sunday Services, watching PH grow over the years, being the bloke people email complaints to (he lies), not having a 'proper' job and doing something I love."
Follow Paul on Twitter: @PaulGarlick

Name: Katie
What Katie does: Classifieds Administrator
Years of service: One
Katie's dream car: "Anything which doesn't have a number on the front and the capacity for 50 people?"
Katie's actual car: "X26 - it's express and is probably faster than Matt's Shed..."
What Katie loves about working on PistonHeads: "Being the only girl in a team full of bearded men. What's not to love, right?"
Follow Katie on Twitter: Maybe not...

Name: Peter Dignan
What Pete does: Web Development Manager
Years of service: Nearly as many as Paul, amazingly
Pete's dream car: "Original AC Cobra Le Mans Coupe."
Pete's actual car(s): "The sports car: Honda S2000, the family car: MG ZT-T 2.5 V6, the city car: Ford Fiesta 1.2, the race car: Austin Healey Sprite."
What Pete loves about working on PistonHeads: "I found a letter the other day while clearing out some old boxes. On it a 14-year-old Peter had written what he wanted to be when he grew up. It proclaimed 'I would like to work with cars or computers.' In this job I have the fun of doing both!"
Follow Pete on Twitter: @RacingPete

Name: Oliver 'Switch' Kibblewhite
What Switch does: Developer, mostly found prodding the News and Forums parts of the site.
Years of service: A couple
Switch's dream car: "Jaguar XK140 Roadster in BRG."
Switch's actual car: "1,000 1979 MG BGT in surprisingly good nick..."
What Switch loves about working on PistonHeads: "The ability to talk crap about cars most of the day while getting to look after one of the biggest forums in the country."
Follow Switch on Twitter: @CityRake

Name: Matt
What Matt does: Senior Web Developer (i.e. -professional hamster wrangler)
Years of service: A couple
Matt's dream car: "Subaru Impreza 22B. Judge me all you want, but I loved watching that car in the hands of Colin McRae and Richard Burns in my formative years. Want."
Matt's actual car: "I ride my bicycle these days, but my last car was an S2000."
What Matt loves about working on PistonHeads: "It's never a dull day. We're a small team with several million visitors so there's always something going on and every day is different. That, and ... Le Mans!"
Follow Matt on Twitter: @mattdell

Name: Phil Marshalsea (aka Pheedbak)
What Phil does: Technical team leader (i.e. chief hamster)
Years of service: Ermmm, two
Phil's dream car: "The 1961 Ferrari 250 GT California. 'It is his love, it is his life ... It is his fault he didn't lock the garage.' (c) Bueller."
Phil's actual car: "Whatever Zipcar has to offer/PG can blag us."
What Phil loves about working on PistonHeads: "From a nerd POV working with Mongo, AWS and the demands of a high traffic site. Thinking about what next for the team, the site and beyond. Always having droolworthy metal in the car park."
Follow Phil on Twitter: @PistonTechs

Author: Dan Trent
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