Thursday 25th July 2013


The 3 Series coupe is now the 4 Series - got that? OK, now let Harris show you what it can do

Chris is on his hols at the moment, seemingly with 80s pop star Paul Young. See @HarrisMonkey on Twitter for the full story on that...

Meanwhile we'll concentrate on more PH-worthy matters, namely, does killing off the 3 Series coupe lineage we've enjoyed for so long to spawn the 4 Series make a difference to our enjoyment of the car itself? You can read more on that here in Chris's review from the launch and also here with our follow-up story on the M Performance upgrades BMW will offer to make the base 4 Series less, as Chris would have it, 'Rich Tea' in flavour.

Will they do the trick? And were BMW's instructions for 'no drifting' in the track element of the launch drive obeyed to the letter? You probably could have guessed without the intro pic but suffice to say there's plenty more where that came from.

Enjoy the vid!



Author: Dan Trent
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