Wednesday 7th August 2013


Audi's sledgehammer RS6 goes up against Mercedes' slinky CLS63 Shooting Brake

I've already stated at length how impressive the new RS6 is - and also how inconsistent the product line from Quattro Gmbh seems to be. No doubt about it, the new RS6 is the best regular machine it makes.

As standard, the RS6 is limited to 155mph. This is quite fast enough for us Brits, but ze Germans understandably have a need to go a bit quicker, so the optional Dynamic pack can take you to 174mph. Clearly this won't prove a big enough fix for your committed hedonist, so the Dynamic Plus pack, which includes ceramic front discs and appears to cost more than a Mountune Fiesta ST, raises that to 189mph.

'My kind of cars' says Harris - who's to disagree?
'My kind of cars' says Harris - who's to disagree?
Now within all this excellent margin work from Audi, does anyone remember the gentlemen's agreement reached by those same Germans back in the early 90s? The one which limited everything to 155mph? Neither, it appears, does the German car industry.

AMG will lift your speed limiter, as will BMW M, as will Jaguar. Does this mean the agreement has been quietly forgotten, just like the silly Japanese power limit of 280hp? I hope so.

Porsche, Alpina and Brabus refused to sign the piece of paper from the start, which probably means they retain some of the moral high-ground, but the reality is that these speed limiters can be cracked so easily they really are, and always have been pointless.

This RS6 came with the medium setting of 174mph. Suffice to say it is quite shocking how quickly the car will run straight into the electronic safety blanket. The AMG always feels like it could kneecap a junior supercar, but on road and drag strip the Audi is something else altogether.

These really are my type of car.

Enjoy the vid.

Author: Chris Harris
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