Friday 1st November 2013


We know Magnus Walker has a thing for old Porsches; hear him explain why this now extends to Turbos

Given that we're going to meet up with Magnus Walker later in the month this little vid is a timely reminder of why he's such a fixture in the Porsche enthusiast landscape.

Turbo history lesson, courtesy of Walker (and dog)
Turbo history lesson, courtesy of Walker (and dog)
And if the last vid in which he featured here on PH tipped a little into 'lifestyle' this one is purely about the cars. And what cars! A demonstration of what a bit of well-funded OCD can achieve, Walker's assembly of pre-intercooler 911 Turbos, each with a fascinating back story, is a hell of a line-up. And it's easy to warm to both his sincere love - and detailed description - of the driving experience and respect for the history and stories embodied in each.

Purists aghast at Walker's free-spirited approach to modifying his 911s can take heart that his Turbos - ride height drops and fatter rubber aside - remain standard. And that his passion for the cars remains as informed and detailed as ever.



[Source: XCar, via Youtube]

Author: Dan Trent
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