Monday 20th December 2004


Latest tests show more downforce than weight

In its latest tests last Friday, Radical's new SR8 trackday/race car generates more downforce than its weight.

Its new aerodynamic package, penned by Radical's chief designer Nick Walford, was put to the test and passed with what the company called "flying colours". At the SR8's maximum speed of 170mph, the sports prototype produced more downforce than the car's weight, complete with a full tank of fuel and driver.

Seen here in Radical's 2005 works livery, the SR8 has two and a half times as much downforce as its SR3 predecessor.

Radical co-founder Phil Abbott who was at the test said, "We're very pleased with the outcome of the test. Not only does the SR8 have the downforce to match the car's performance, but the car is superbly balanced. Our next test will be to get our best driver, Michael Vergers to drive the car upside down in a tunnel!"

After the all-new car's first outing last week, Vergers said, "The car is awesome. It is the SR3 Turbo and then some. The power delivery is so smooth. This is a truly great car."

Abbott was equally chuffed: "An all-new engine, all-new transaxle and all-new bodywork and the car ran beautifully. The SR8 reaches 150mph before you even know it. It's the fastest car I've ever driven by a mile. We've a little bit more work to do. Fine tuning the engine mapping and a minor gearbox oil leak, were the only issues. We will be in the MIRA wind tunnel on Friday to setup the aero package and back on the circuit next Monday."

The car is back on track today (Monday) and we'll bring you further details as we get them.

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