2010 Nissan GT-R Upgrades Revealed

Mizuno at the 'Ring yesterday
Mizuno at the 'Ring yesterday
2010 model year upgrades for Nissan's GT-R will include the adoption of the Spec-V's rear diffuser plus new side NACA ducts, suspension tweaks, and an optional NISMO data-logging facility that will let drivers share and compare data via their PCs.

The changes were revealed to PistonHeads yesterday by GT-R project chief Kazutoshi Mizuno, who was our host yesterday at the company's Nurburgring technical centre where elements of the 2010 upgrade package - and European Spec-V models - are undergoing their final evaluation.

According to Mizuno-san, the suspension tweaks are minor but include marginally stiffer front spring and damper rates, and stiffer bushing for the rear torsion control arms. The aim is to further increase the driver appeal - or to paraphrase the enigmatic chief engineer 'to make the driver's buttocks feel even closer to the rear wheels during sporty driving'.

Final 2010 MY testing is underway
Final 2010 MY testing is underway
The NISMO data-logging system will be part of an upgraded sat-nav option. As we understand it, owners will be able to download data using a USB memory stick, load it onto their PC for analysis, and even share their numbers with other GT-R drivers online.

The adoption of the Spec-V rear diffuser and new NACA ducts next to the rear wheels are there to improve airflow and brake cooling, says Mizuno. The 2010 cars have also been tweaked to meet Euro 5 emissions regs, and an ECU modification improves low-speed tractability in low temperatures when the transmission fluid is still cold.

PH was there too - full story on its way...
PH was there too - full story on its way...
Mizuno and Nissan senior vice president Andy Palmer (who was co-incidentally visiting the Nurburgring GT-R test team on the same day) also gave us some insights into the new Spec-M model that has been rumoured for some time. Contrary to the suggestion in our story yesterday, it won't be at the Tokyo motor show next month, but will emerge sometime next year instead.

We shouldn't get too distracted by the 'comfort' tag, they say, as the core package will be largely undiluted. Instead, think of a GT-R 'plus' with extra luxury fittings like a high-end sound system, expensive interior fittings and a more 'bespoke' feel.

Like the Spec-V, the idea of the Spec-M is to increase exclusivity, not improve accessibility, so although the suspension may be set up for a little more comfort we're not expecting the driving experience to feel very different from the standard car.

Meanwhile the 2010 model year GT-R should be available in the UK early next year, around the same time as the Spec-V edition.


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  • ThirdShift 02 Oct 2009

    Not sure, but found this on another site, can anyone confirm if this is the data logging/interface system you get on 2010 spec cars? http://www.facebook.com/UKTraitors?v=app_133119152... If so looks pretty interesting piece of kit?!?!?!?!

  • Mike69 02 Oct 2009

    CypherP said:
    The data logging and uploading to PC will be an interesting concept.

    I can imagine all the GT-R owners uploading their car stats from the data logger and comparing 'standard' BHP. It's a good idea though. Although, i'd imagine that same information will also then be available to Nissan mechanics upon service time.

    Possibly used as a warranty get out clause too, should anything break after excessive or vigorous driving.
    Interesting indeed. I'm not sure what form the data logging system will take, but if drivers and Nissan Technicians can access it, so can Police. Clearly not something that would happen on a roadside check, but if the car is involved in a fatal, or serious injury RTC, then the data prior to said collision may well come under some close scrutiny. Probably best to leave the data logging for trackdays, I think.

  • gp900bj 02 Oct 2009

    Godzilla said:
    Chris-R said:
    Godzilla said:
    Chris R, why didn't you get pics of these NACA ducts and rear diffuser of which you speak?!
    Well, because they said we could photograph anything except... you guessed it!

    Anyway, we thought PHers would be more interested in comparing in-car footage of Toshio Suzuki and Dirk Schoysman doing their thing. Amazingly different approaches to the same challenge - watch this space for some pretty cool videos.

    Oh, and after being driven fast around the 'Ring by both (with Suzuki driving at 7min 45sec pace - his words - and an indicated 175mph on the main straight both times), it was kind of hard to concentrate on, er, you know, work..? smile

    Edited by Chris-R on Thursday 1st October 17:24
    You jammy git. No wonder you ousted Riggers for that gig! wink

    I know Dirk's driving style very well, classically smooth, whereas Suzuki-san's looks deliberately aggressive to provoke the R35's unique drivetrain into giving max traction.

    Do you think Dirk's approach is capable of matching Suzuki-san's times for that particular car?

    Clearly Walter Rohl didn't think he could... wink
    It's a little known fact that Kurt Thim produced a 7:36 lap time in the Series 1 GT-R in September 07 and Nissan planned on using his lap time at the GT-R's launch.

    It all flopped due to contractual obligations with his race team. Nissan used Suzuki's 7:38 lap time instead but admittedly that was a wet lap so there was already room for improvement.

  • GingerRob 01 Oct 2009

    Zed Ed said:
    who cares about Naca ducts; what new colour will be offered? smile
    Pink with White wheels lol

    on a serious (kinda) note tbh I don't find the r35 has the wow factor that I got when I saw the r34, I also feel that it's a very clinical sports car, but that might be because I prefere cars such as e type jags, ac cobras etc etc.

  • Zed Ed 01 Oct 2009

    who cares about Naca ducts; what new colour will be offered? smile

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