Audi SQ5: Ingolstadt's first Diesel S model

Audi is set to continue its relentless niche-filling with this, the SQ5 TDI, a faster and more aggressive variant of its BMW X3 rival.

The SQ5 TDI is a significant car for the Audi 'S' brand: not only has there never before been an S-badged vehicle based on an SUV, it is also the first Audi S model to be diesel powered.

The engine itself is the same twin-turbo unit as found in the A6 BiTDI and produces 313hp and 479lb ft. of torque between 1,450 and 2,800rpm. These are sufficient, according to Audi, to launch the SQ5 to 62mph in 5.1 seconds and onto the near-inevitable 155mph limiter.

Audi also quotes combined fuel consumption of 39mpg, thanks to 'innovative thermal management' (Say what? - Ed), stop-start and a regulated oil pump. The ubiquitous eight-speed auto, the only transmission option available for the SQ5, undoubtedly also contributes to this.

Further modifications to the SQ5 include a 30mm suspension drop and new 20-inch wheels with 255/45 tyres. Larger 21-inch wheels are optional.

External alterations are as subtle as you would expect from an Audi S-car. The go-faster Q5 can be identified by a revised grille, aluminium roof rails and 'SQ5' badges, combined with the aluminium-capped wing mirrors - an 'S' hallmark.

Inside, leather trim is standard and additional aluminium inlays abound in a typically smart Audi cabin. There is also a smattering of 'S' badges, just to remind you that you're not driving a regular diesel SUV.

The SQ5 TDI will be available to order in October, with prices expected to start at around £45,000.


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  • gpjersey 21 Aug 2013


    I have one. Its good. It is quick and the ride is a little bumpy but I blame that on the dreadful state of the roads that I commute on. However at the end of a day I only need one car. A nice one to commute in, a decent one that I can zipp down to the Alps in and one that I can carry my two children in. (I dont have the need to buy a Porsche as a second car that doesn't get used).

    I used to have an X5 and this is a step up in performance, economy and refinement. The fuel economy is good but they do need to change the testing as no cars are hitting their published results in real life conditions. 29-33 mpg

    Nothing has fallen off as yet, I have curbed two of the 21's which I think are made out of cheese.

    So all in all a good car.

    OK the 2.0l Q5 would do the same but if you are on this forum its not about that.

  • Wills2 17 Feb 2013

    So 5.1 secs to 62, this is a seriously quick car, diesels really do offer some serious grunt the new 330d xdrive is 5.3 to 62.

    Thing is though they (fast diesels) are completely without any character whatsoever, in my experience figures do not tell you what it's like to get there.

    I had the new 330d for a weekend, great car really fast but dull, oh so dull in the way it delivered the pace.

  • Caulkhead 17 Feb 2013

    mondie said:
    Any potential buyers of one of these on PH? Must admit I am a little curious and will probably trek to a dealer soon to check one out.

    Well if you, make sure you drive on some bumpy roads before parting with your cash - all the reviews I've read claim it has an awful ride that ruins the car.

  • R26Andy 17 Feb 2013

    Not sure how Audi are going to get it to sixty nearly a second faster than the BMW x3 given similar power and kerb weights. X3 has an 8 speed auto so what does Audi have?

  • mondie 17 Feb 2013

    Any potential buyers of one of these on PH? Must admit I am a little curious and will probably trek to a dealer soon to check one out.


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