Bloodhound SSC: engine test

We last wrote about the Bloodhound back in July and Richard Noble told us "we're winning!" Well, right now they're running, the engine firing up for the first time in a hardened missile tunnel in Cornwall. Chris Harris is there as we speak too - best check your ear plugs are in place Chris - it's about to get loud!

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  • woody68 04 Oct 2012

    Afterwards Andy Green went through the different parts of the test with us all

    Here he is explaining the perfect diamonds in the flame

    And here he's pointing to the Pump Exit pressure gauge and just above his wrist is the fuel pump RPM gauge its showing 16000 RPM

  • woody68 04 Oct 2012

    Here's a couple of video's I took as well

    First one is a pretest of the Cosworth engine revving up

    Second one is of the actual Rocket test ...listen out for Andy's comments at the end

    sorry for the shaky video footage ...I guess I was a little bit excited lol

  • woody68 04 Oct 2012

    I too was lucky enough to be down in Newquay yesterday for the rocket test and all I can say is WOW ...what an atmosphere I drove through the night Tuesday to arrive bright and early after several cups of coffee the day went perfect's a few of the pics I took ...
    The Show Car in one of the H.A.S shelters

    Andy Green giving yet another interview

    Cosworth F1 Engine been fussed over

    The Radical Race car that Andy has been racing recently

    Screen shot of the rocket engineers filling the HTP in to the fuel tank

    Another screen shot The Bloodhound_Ssc & Cosworth guys doing their pretest checks

  • Mark Wibble 04 Oct 2012

    I like the fact that cardboard-cutout-man in hi-vis jacket and goggles gets blown over despite standing off to the side!

  • R500POP 04 Oct 2012

    The test was a huge sucess. We are now confident that when we arrive in the desert with the car that we have a system to supply HTP to the rocket that works. We're all stocked about the way the day went.

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