BMW 3 Series GT breaks cover...

We'll not devote a huge amount of time and effort to telling you about this but in case you're interested or just want to point and laugh BMW has officially revealed the 3 Series GT.

Filling the gaping hole left in the 3 Series range for those who need more room than a saloon but don't, for some unfathomable reason, like the rather sleek and lovely Touring the 3 GT adds hunchback - sorry, hatchback - practicality and a longer wheelbase. No, nor us. And, hang on, isn't this the job of the 3 Series based X1?

It's, um, well, it's a hatchback 3 Series
It's, um, well, it's a hatchback 3 Series
Regardless, BMW claims, somewhat optimistically, that it "offers a finely judged combination of driver appeal and practicality" and combines the "sporty dynamics" of the saloon with the versatility of the Touring in "a unique and attractively designed package." Well, one out of two of those adjectives is correct. The description "sporty, coupe-like form" has also splurged out of the random press release cliché-o-matic machine but having seen the 3 GT in the metal at a BMW preview event a little while back these were not the words that sprung to mind.

If you're really determined and fancy putting that sporty, coupe-like form through its paces you can have your 3 GT in 305hp 335i form, but it'll cost you at least £38K for the privilege. A little over £31K will get you into the default 320d, prices typically £1,300 over the equivalent Touring model.

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  • Challo 26 Feb 2014

    Saw one of these this morning on the commute to work. I just cant seem to get my head around the proportions of the car. It looks like they have taken the boot from the 5GT, heated up the metal and tried to squash and mould it to fit the 3 series rear dimensions.

    Its certainly not a looker.

  • flatso 23 Nov 2013

    I had a seat in one at the dealer a few months ago...the rear leg room is astonishing. Even the boot is impressive. Agree thet the rear quarter looks a bit bloated, but it definately does not top the X6 as the most horrendous BMW model.
    Whils on the BMW GT topic, I think the front of the 5er GT looks really good.

  • 0a 23 Nov 2013

    I saw one of these for the first time yesterday - the looks are "difficult": one of BMW's less good efforts.

    I guess the game is to out niche everybody else. But what about building a good looking 3 series with good room on the inside? These niches are now being used as an excuse to make the regular car crap in various ways.

  • Mr_S 23 Nov 2013

    I have got one of these in 320d M-Sport trim as a hire car for a couple of months, it's actually a very nice comfortable car and the boot is huge. My kids love it as the rear leg room and seat is much bigger then the F30 we had before.

    I'd never seen one until it was delivered and my first words to the delivery driver were "what is that?"

    Personally and I may be biased but I think it is far more in proportion than the 5 series GT.

  • P2BS 05 Mar 2013

    toppstuff said:
    I don't like saloons much. Prefer a hatch.
    Saloon for me - then & now!



    toppstuff said:
    I don't get all the hate... It's a BMW hatchback, and it looks masses better than on all other hatchbacks currently on sale. The Focus is a hatchback, but I don't see everyone saying "hideous" at that.
    I think it's the difference between designing a car as a hatchback, or adding one as an afterthought to the range. A Focus hatch is not ugly, but a Focus saloon is a dire looking piece of kit as it's built to appease some markets only. Like a Jetta to a Golf.

    All these cars sell somewhere; I find the X1, X6, 5GT and now the 3GT very ugly, and so do quite a few others given how many of them you see on the roads. But BMW have done their research, and still make & sell them somewhere.

    Edited by P2BS on Tuesday 5th March 15:57

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