BMW ConnectedDrive: PH Ad Break

A video entitled 'Big Business. Thanks to BMW ConnectedDrive' seems fairly innocuous. Perhaps a trader is using the internet in their BMW to check stocks, or maybe a property developer wants to research an area en route.

Both viable, but perhaps a tad predictable. So instead BMW has decided in all its wisdom to imply that ConnectedDrive can help the armed robbery division of your 'Big Business'. Seriously.

It's all by implication. However, the combination of one driver, three men disguised as clowns and a quick check using ConnectedDrive of the bank's opening times make the intentions rather blatant. It's all rather last minute for a robbery to our eyes though, which rather suggests a lack of planning...

See here.



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  • ducnick 20 Sep 2013

    I don't see the problem. The video shows the internet connectivity function and has a comic twist in the tail. From a marketing perspective it ticks all the boxes.

    Regarding the usefulness or otherwise of internet connectivity in cars, I too was sceptical until I discovered that my connected drive integrates with the satnav. Google for a business name, and it can load the postcode of their nearest branch direct to your satnav. When you have a screaming baby in the car and need to find the nearest purveyors of nappies/baby food etc in a strange location it is invaluable.

  • LaMamba 20 Sep 2013

    3G I've got it in the AH3.
    It's worth having if using the car in europe for saving on roaming charges on your mobile it's included in the unlimited BMW allowance.
    A little clunky pity they don't have a blue tooth keyboard option.

  • snapper213 20 Sep 2013

    Is this Internet option via GPRS, 3G or 4G ?

  • Mustard 19 Sep 2013

    ThePeach said:
    internet in a car? Well could be useful - but your smartphone costs a few hundred pound - doubt the in car version will be as cheap ;-)
    £95 actually

  • andyps 19 Sep 2013

    In many ways the advert is quite worrying about the values BMW now have. It could easily imply that internet connectivity is much more significant to them than the provision of the ultimate diving machine.

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