BMW M Performance: more than M Sport + horsepower

Dr Friedrich Nitschke, boss of BMW's M Division has gone on record in a new video to defend his departments plans to create the new BMW M Performance Automobiles sub-brand.

Nitschke points out that the new brand, whose first products will be performance diesel versions of the X6 and 5-series, has its conceptual roots in the 80s with cars like the E12 and E28 M535i. He also reckons that the cars will be aimed at customers looking for "more emotionality and more performance, but don't want to lose the everyday usability of their cars".

Critics have suggested that these cars will be little more than M Sport models with added horsepower, but Nitschke refutes this, saying that M Performance Automobile products will "benefit from the full expertise of BMW GmbH; infusing power transfer with excellent dynamics."


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