BMW M6 revealed

BMW has revealed details of the all-new M6, launching simultaneously in Coupe and Convertible variants. As before, the M6 shares much of its mechanical spec with its equivalent M5, meaning a farewell to high-revving V10s and the adoption of the new M5's 4.4-litre twin-turbo V8 and seven-speed dual-clutch M DCT transmission combo. 560hp represents a 53hp hike over the previous V10, the turbos meaning peak torque of 501lb ft is there from just 1,500rpm. It's a dramatic shift in character, mirroring that of the new M5, and this and the M DCT hope to address two of the major criticisms of the V10 M6.

We had the pleasure of several months in the company of that car of course and thoroughly pleasant it was too, BMW selling a surprisingly impressive 14,000 V10 M6s worldwide. That's a lot of cumulative revs. And fuel, the new twin-turbo version at least doing its bit on that score by improving consumption/emission figures by nearly a third. No great claim admittedly but 28.5mpg and 232g/km (27.4mpg and 239g/km for the cabrio) are astonishing figures for a 560hp monster that'll hit 0-62mph in just 4.2 seconds. That's a couple of tenths faster than the M5, like it matters, but an indication of just how mighty this new M6 promises to be. Top speed is limited to 155mph.

Things being what they are the new M6 is not far shy of being a six-figure purchase, the coupe weighing in at £93,795 and the Convertible £98,995. And that's before you start adding options like ceramic brakes, the latter gaining gold calipers to spare you the need to break out the tape measure and reveal your front rotors are 410mm rather than the frankly pitiful 400mm cheapskates who stick with the regular brakes put up with. How will they cope.

An additional 30mm in the front track and a carbon roof as per the previous M6 help elevate the M over standard 6 Series models. Less obvious but perhaps more indicative of the M6's intent are the forged aluminium suspension components, revised front geometry and solidly mounted rear subframe. Three-way adjustment on the Variable Damping Control dampers is just one way you can configure the M6 to your needs, two M buttons like the M5 meaning you can switch instantly between everything up to 11 or comfort according to the conditions under tyre.

It's a crushing high tech riposte to the Jaguar XKR-S's more straightforward combination of big power and a lairy bodykit but we'll hold judgement until we've driven it to see if BMW has managed to engineer character into the equation too. Looks-wise the M6 is a lot more mature than the Jag but does it do enough to stand out from regular 6 Series? And justify that pricetag?

Technology wise much is shared with the M5, including a HUD and plentiful M trimmings in the cabin. Equipment is suitably lavish and includes powered/heated seats, BMW Professional nav and Merino leather trim. Upgrades additional to the aforementioned ceramic brakes include 20-inch wheels over the standard 19s, BMW Night Vision and a B&O stereo.

On paper then a GT-R for badge snobs who can't face the idea of spending big money on a glorified Nissan. What price a premium badge? Still nearly £20K over the GT-R but, character wise, the comparison is a fascinating one that we intend to revisit at the earliest opportunity.




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  • flatline84 17 Feb 2012


    This or a Ferrari California with 3000-5000 miles ( Ok technically its "used" but that really is delivery milage, who are we kidding)

  • Kong 16 Feb 2012

    Polarbert said:
    Kong said:
    Polarbert said:
    Kong said:
    Oh not this car X is better value than car Y because you COULD select a load of OPTIONS on car Y bks. It's not like ticking the aircon box on a Citroen C1, these cars are already very highly specced. If someone wants to pay several thousand pounds to have a fingerprint reading ignition switch then thats up to them, doesn't make it a ripoff.

    Reminds me of sales training and special edition cars with 'added value' which includes loads of options. Except it's only adding value if you were going to select all of those options anyway (which most people dont).
    You've missed the point entirely. It was to do with the fact that the M6 used to be between 60-70k new, and now its 100k. Similarly you can spec an Audi A6 to 80k.

    You are entitled to your opinion that manufacturers are taking the piss with their current prices. But I stand by my point that going on a configurator and ticking every box then posting "oh look an A6 costs 80k, what a ripoff" proves absolutely nothing. Mainly because you're essentially punishing the car with the biggest range of options.

    Also the old M6 wasn't £60-70k, it was over £80k when it was launched in 2005, with inflation that makes it £96,000 in todays money. So at under £94k the new model is actually cheaper in real terms so the argument about it being overpriced is silly.

    Edited by Kong on Wednesday 15th February 23:04
    You've missed the point, again. I'm not comparing the A6 at all. I wasn't saying it was a ripoff. I was stating some of the options are overpriced, and that it was surprising you can spec an A6 to that price.
    And again, I never said that it was overpriced.
    But as I said earlier they are OPTIONS you chose the the ones you want, customisation has never been cheap. If people are prepared to pay for them then they aren't overpriced.

  • T16OLE 16 Feb 2012

    Love the thinner base of the steering wheel

  • Dave Hedgehog 16 Feb 2012

    WCZ said:
    Dave Hedgehog said:
    im sorry but theres only one response

    fk ME!
    haha, it's a good example of just how insane the amount of extras you can spec is these days

    that must be the highest depreciating car you can buy, spec'd to that level you're going to lose £80k as soon as you drive out of the door

    just goes to show, whenever you're next to that 3.0tdi A8 at the lights just remember it could be a £143,000 car... : p
    yeah i thought it was mad when my dealer had an a3 2.0 for 36k and a A6 diesel for 65k lol

    33k for the A1 quattro seams like a total bargain

  • Munich 16 Feb 2012

    Polarbert said:
    D200 said:
    And in last months Top Gear mag they have a new long term car – an Audi A6 3.0 TDI Avant with some tasty options – price – £80k – and remember this has the same platform as a Skoda Superb
    Thats unbelievable!
    Last year when I visited the BMW Welt, on display was a white E82 120d that had so much added to it (including some BMW Performance parts) that it cost 70,000€....!

    I dread to think what the residual value of that car was after it left the stand and covered a couple of KM.

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