Couple name baby Speedy Gonzales

A Romanian couple whose baby was born in their car as they rushed to hospital have named the boy Speedy Gonzales.

The couple were heading to hospital at Suceava but were held up when their car broke down. The father told National newspaper: "We were on this crowded motorway with cars speeding next to us. My wife was in the back seat of our car already in labour.

"So we decided to do anything to get to the hospital as fast as we could. I managed to fix my car and was doing 90 kph when my boy arrived. I will call him Speedy Gonzales."

The little boy and his 33-year-old mother are both said to be in good condition in hospital.

However, it's doubtful whether the couple would have succeeded in so naming him in the US, as the cartoons have long since been pulled from the TV networks for fear of upsetting Mexican-Americans.

More about Suceava here (brush up your Romanian first):

More about Speedy Gonzales here:

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