Design a PH shirt, get paid.

Here at PH we are a modest lot and take pride in the fact that we offer the PHer the very best in website-based entertainment in addition to a merchandise range that leading fashion houses would be proud of.  

But perhaps we don’t have a clue… maybe you sit there looking at the shirts we offer thinking ‘I could do better than this tripe’. If so, we need you to stand up and show your hand, and help us to create the very best range of clothing for the discerning PHer. And you can do it simply by sending us an email with your thoughts. It's that easy.

But why would you bother doing that you might ask? Well, not only will having a shirt on sale bring immediate fame, but you’ll also feel proud when you spot someone wearing it at a Sunday Service and we’ll send you one for free too. Oh, and did we mention that we also pay you £1 for every shirt sold? Bear in mind that some shirts sell into the hundreds of units, and the fact that Christmas is coming, and you might just have a tidy earner on your hands.

You don’t have to be a whizz with computer design to submit either; just describe it to us if you can’t submit a rough design. Slogans, images, captions….all are welcome.

To submit your idea just click this link

If we like what you submit we’ll be in touch with more details and you’ll be taking your first steps towards a VIP invite to London Fashion Week.

For inspiration, take a look at the current shop range here

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  • andyps 11 Jan 2013

    Has anyone else who had a submitted design accepted received a free t-shirt as promised? I haven't had one so not sure how that happens.

  • 8bit 11 Jan 2013

    Is this competition now finished? Clicked the link in the article and just get the Shot Dead In The Head homepage...

  • biper 21 Dec 2012

    How about a long sleeved t shirt with Pistonheads down the right arm and the logo on the left breast. I think it would look great in white with black lettering.

  • NSFW 17 Dec 2012

    I should have put this in earlier - but it might work as a sticker too!?

    I made this for last Christmas but forgot about it till it started appearing on the forums again this year.

  • AmiableChimp 12 Dec 2012

    One of mine just got accepted....I just don't know which one biggrin

    One is already available on the site, so based on the smallprint, I think someone else got there before me but i'll wait and see what they say.

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