eBay Find: 2009 BMW 7-Series Bumper

OK, little tip for all you budding spy photographers out there – get out the bushes around the Nurburgring and get yourself on eBay if you want to know what next year’s cars are going to look like.

Apparently the front bumper for the next generation F01 BMW 7-Series has popped up on eBay and is now going for a hefty 5 Euros.

To be honest we have no idea whether this is real or if someone is having a laugh, but it has certainly raised a few eyebrows.

The seller has even added a rendering of the new car which does look kind of similar.

We may have to wait until late this year to find out, when the new 7 is expected to break cover officially, but if this really is a pre-production bumper we can’t help thinking that there is going to a few words said in Munich.

How did it get on eBay? We don’t know. What we do know is the ad has been roughly translated as: ‘

'You have the unique opportunity the original front bumper of new siebener 7-BMW F01 it to auction because the car is not yet officially on the market ist.

'Es development is coming from a piece Erlkönig (prototype). Photos come .... ..

‘Pick-up in Munich desired, the shipping Detschland to be approximately 50 €

‘Private auction, no returns and warranty deleted.

‘On 28.04.08, the seller added the following information:

‘-- The sensors for PDC are not available, but BMW conventional sensors fit into the holes.

‘- hinged doors, lights for cleaning equipment.’

Here’s some pics from the ad:



See the eBay ad here

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  • mc_blue 30 Apr 2008

    The side profile and rear is much better. I must admit I'm a bit pissed off with the shape of the kidneys, they're too round and big. More angular ones like this would suit it really well IMO.

    This was such a good looking car in its day!

  • Mike400 30 Apr 2008

    Neomagic said:
    I know this much, that picture of the alleged new 7 series looks awful!
    Can I just +1?


  • Carsie 30 Apr 2008

    Guys! Slow down!!!...has anybody considered that this may be a genre of viral marketing? Cue - jokes for Bangles crew needing antibiotics!

  • VxDuncan 30 Apr 2008

    Don't know - ask Wildcat. Looks like she write the advert.

  • flattotheboards 30 Apr 2008

    How do you get hold of something like this? Cant they just make a nice looking car for once.

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