Ferrari F70/F150: the story so far

McLaren’s stolen a few headlines this week with the announcement of its P1 hypercar’s drivetrain. Full details will come when the P1 hits Geneva in just under two weeks’ time, but there’ll be just one problem: it’ll have to share its limelight with its biggest rival – Ferrari’s successor to the Enzo.

High-tech carbon tub will be the centrepiece
High-tech carbon tub will be the centrepiece
There’s been a steady trickle of teasers, rumours and snippets about the new big Ferrari, as well as some good, hard facts to get excited about. As yet, and in keeping with Ferrari tradition, the new car has no officially-confirmed name – that’ll be revealed just before the car itself. Many pundits know the car as the F150, though that looks unlikely when you consider that Ferrari was forced to change the name of its F1 car in 2011 after Ford kicked up a fuss about that F150 sharing its name with Ford’s best-selling pickup. So F70 looks more likely, but Ferrari could equally go in a completely different direction, as it did with the Enzo.  

Either way, what we know is that the new car will be based around an advanced carbon fibre monocoque, as previewed at the Beijing Show in 2012. Four types of carbon fibre will be used to create this, each hand-laminated; the doors, meanwhile, look set to use T1000 carbon fibre – as seen on the noses of Ferrari’s F1 cars – for its high level of impact protection. Meanwhile, a combination of carbon fibre and Kevlar will be used in the undertray, to protect the monocoque from road debris.

HY-KERS system will provide 1.35hp per kg
HY-KERS system will provide 1.35hp per kg
The result will be a chassis 20 per cent lighter than the Enzo’s, but also boasting 27 per cent more torsional stiffness.

We also know that the new car will feature a hybrid drivetrain similar to the P1’s – although at its heart will be a V12 engine, most likely the 6.3-litre that’s fitted to the F12. That’ll be matched to two electric motors, one mounted to the gearbox and used to drive the rear wheels, with a separate motor providing power for the car’s auxiliary systems. Both will be driven from separate battery systems which will be charged by the engine, while the ‘drive’ electric motor will also use a KERS-like system which will convert its negative torque under braking to charge for its battery. This will be managed by a dedicated ECU based around the technology that’s used in Ferrari’s F1 KERS systems. The system, known as HY-KERS and previously shown in a 599 concept should deliver an additional 1.35hp for every extra kg of weight it adds, and Ferrari says its aim has been to provide similar power to a high-end naturally-aspirated engine while delivering 40 per cent fewer emissions on a combined cycle.

Teasers have revealed front and rear views
Teasers have revealed front and rear views
So, that’s what we know. What we don’t have so far are any definitive stats. But there are a smattering of rumoured figures that have emerged from a supposedly top-secret preview evening given to potential customers at Maranello. They’re unconfirmed, but they still make some interesting reading.

First up, there’s the V12’s power figure: 800hp, apparently, but what’s also worthy of note is its redline, which looks set to be a screaming 9,200rpm. The HY-KERS system will add between 120hp and 150hp, giving a potential peak power figure of 950hp. Peak torque, meanwhile, should be developed all the way down at 1,000rpm.

As you’d expect with all that carbon, weight mooted to be on the low side – 1,300kg, to be precise, which is expected to allow a mind-expanding 0-62 time of under three seconds. Blimey. 125mph will come up in 7.3 seconds, meanwhile.

New car will succeed the Enzo
New car will succeed the Enzo
There is, of course, the small matter of price. And as you’d expect with such astonishing stats, it’s not going to be yours a couple of bob. In fact, it looks like the cost will be a whopping 1,200,000 euros – or just over a cool million, in the Queen’s finest.

The F70 – if that is its real name – will make its debut in Geneva, and of course we’ll bring you an update on these details as they’re revealed. Watch this space, then, because this is set to be the most astonishing Ferrari the world has ever seen.

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  • rohrl 23 Feb 2013

    What's the max towing weight on one of these? More or less than Ford's F150?

    These cars are so far removed from reality now that it's more like reading about a new Learjet or space rocket than a new car.

  • k-ink 23 Feb 2013

    This seems to be shaping up to be exactly like the MP4 v 458 all over again. Except this time they are both on steroids. Let me guess... McLaren will be the superior car in every measurable way. Then everyone will buy the Ferrari based upon emotions.

  • jon- 23 Feb 2013

    I hope JamieB isn't reading this thread, he's using his F40 as a daily car, even through winter.

    I wonder how many italian puppies have expired thanks to him.

  • toppstuff 23 Feb 2013

    328matt said:
    There is a lot of rubbish on here...there are quite a few Ferrari hypercars that have done a significant mileage-288GTO, F40 and F50 as well as several Enzo's. Yes there are some bought as trophys/investments, but they are the exception. Mileage will have some effect, but a delivery mileage car will have some issues that will need resolving due to lack of use-they are cars and are designed to be used. Ferrari have several types of client and only the top tier will get access to this car from new-but the way Ferrari structures its customer base is very different. The company lists clients as either V12 or V8 customers and aims its preview days at those people. I imagine the customers for this car will already be very well known and be on the 'preferred' list before the car was even envisaged. Finally a point about values. The Enzo when new was 420,000euro. Delivery milage cars are up at the 900k mark. anyone who has put on 50k miles is not going to take a bath on the car should they wish to sell. F50's are considerably higher than new-i think they listed at approx 320k. F40's from new were around 160k rising to 190k over the cars production life. They are currently double that for a mint car. You will not get any F40 for less than tyhe new price. 288 GTO are far higher then the 73k list. I know none of this takes inflation into account but it shows they keep their value. However lets not get bogged down in values-cars are not investments. I applaud anyone who buys this car and uses it as often as he can-i know i would!
    With classic Ferrari I quite agree. And by that I mean F40's, the 288GTO for example... Quite agree. And I guess the F70 will go the same way. I must say, however, that a quick look at the global classifieds tells us that most Enzo's appear to be barely used garage queens. I don't think the F70 is going to be any different, magnificent though it will certainly be.

    In terms of mass produced Ferrari, try rocking up to your local Ferrari emporium trying to sell them a 458 with, say, 25,000 miles on it and watch the salesman try to hide from you in the loo ... or watch how you get bid down to embarrassing levels as the salesman explains that "its the mileage you see, customers don't like the mileage, thats why i'm offering you so little..."

    I know a few Ferrari owners quite well and while they DO drive them, the issue of not piling on the miles is never far from their mind IMO.

  • bts 23 Feb 2013

    toppstuff said:
    I don't think McLaren will care. All the Ferrari owners will be keeping their cars under a silk red car cover. When they do drive them, they will be so paranoid about adding miles on to the clock they will frequently "rest" the car so that they don't add do more than 1000 miles a year.
    Not so much. 45,000 miles on our F355, 4000 and counting on the F458, and the F70's not going to get any different treatment. They're way too much fun to sit around unused.

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