Focus RS stop-gap is here

To those waiting for the next Focus RS, this should keep you amused in the meantime. Ford of Europe's preferred performance specialist Mountune will in the new year offer up a fully manufacturer warrantied upgrade for the two-liter turbo Ecoboost in the Focus ST that'll hike power to "around" 280hp.

The standard ST is already decently pokey with its 250hp pushing the car to 60mph in 6.5seconds, so while Mountune wouldn't give us the full performance figs we'd wager a time under six seconds.

The car previewing all this is a special edition Focus revealed at the SEMA tuner show in Los Angeles earlier this month celebrating rallycross star Tanner Foust.

WTCC special edition has 200hp upgrade
WTCC special edition has 200hp upgrade
Mountune did the 280hp upgrade for that car, admitting to PistonHeads that the Euro-spec tune will be pretty much the same. Expect a similar price to the Mountune upgrade of the previous 2.5-litre ST, which found 260hp for around £1,200 depending on which Ford specialist you went to.

If the styling of the Tanner Foust car (pictured top)appeals in any way, Ford dealer and Mountune specialist TGST in Somerset told us there's a small chance it'll be sold in UK dealers.

Mountune has already produced a 200hp upgrade for the 1.6-litre Ecoboost Focus seen in the Zetec S. This £995 addition is similar to the forthcoming two-litre hike in that it includes an upgraded intercooler and airbox as well as the ECU tweak. Again it can be fitted without troubling the standard Ford warranty and turns the Focus into a proper ST baiter by reducing the 0-60mph time to 6.9seconds, down from 7.9secs.

This tweak has found itself in another special edition car, this time built to celebrate Ford's World Touring Car Championship campaign. It's being pushed by the UK-based Arena team running the Focus 1.6-litre Ecoboost racers, one of which is driven by Tom Chilton, and includes a few extras like special 18in alloys.

We couldn't find get any useful information about the car, like price or on-sale date, on account of the whole team being out of the country, but if you want to know how the new 1.6 Ecoboost upgrade drives, stay tuned for a test by our new boy Alex, who'll tell us how close it gets to ST territory.

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  • urquattroGus 07 Mar 2013

    No sign of this kit yet? Whatever happened?

  • otolith 24 Nov 2012

    The premium German approach to marketing cars as lightweight is:

    Take one structurally heavy car
    De-content standard equipment
    Make token but obvious weight savings (cardboard boot floor, string door handles, etc)
    Fit optional track day tyres to muddy the waters about how much difference the changes make to lap times.
    Charge a premium
    Charge another premium to put the standard equipment back

    At least when Lotus did something similar with the Elise Club Racer they had the grace to cut the price with the equipment, even if the weight savings were essentially token and included the cunning ploy of taking off the roof (like you can on every Elise).

  • Pistonwot 24 Nov 2012

    356Speedster said:
    Pistonwot said:
    Thats as depressing as it is accurate unfortunately.
    I just cannot get to grips with 1 thing.
    Why do faux sports models need all the added tat? Only Renault and Porsche have really shunned it and look at the products, both are superb. Unfortunately in both instances marketing have used the notion of sporty to money grub severely crippling the vehicles in both instances.
    I can feel only dismay at the reasoning for the addition of all the useless addenda.
    Its used as a gimmick when the gimmick is in fact the sports vehicles sportyness? Which is then comprehensively ruined by the addenda.
    What is the point?
    Execu-models are for stuffing full of gimmicks leaving the sports models freedom to be focussed on sportyness?
    Is that not the point of the sporty car, to be a tad sporty?
    Instead all we get is a series of contradictory and cynical barges and tonnes of marketing lies.

    Bah, Im off to sulk getmecoat
    I think a great many of us here would love some more back to basics models, that are purely about driver focus, but we're unlikely to see many of them built off hum-drum platforms. We have precedence of course (R26R for example), but it's a numbers game unfortunately (i.e. profits).

    I believe that when BMW did it with stripped out M3s (I forget which exact variant it was), many people asked for the missing kit to be re-added as options, which negated the point somewhat!

    The solace that we have, is that Caterham, Ariel and the like are still making exactly these cars, albeit, they're toys rather than daily drivers.

    Keep the faith!
    Trying to keep the faith and I have the utmost respect for the low volume Brits, they build proper cars.

    Maybe its because I dont feel I have to impress anybody and dont want or need my transport to be a mobile entertainment suite.

    All I want is a car, not a tank

    I believe more people wish for this.
    Simple, small cheap cars rather than complex barges that cost a kidney to buy and another kidney to maintain.(A lot more people than the shady Manufacturers will acknowledge. At least until they are done milking this cash cow)

    That BMW thing was 2 things, misguided and bound to fail.
    Most people who buy a BMW know little or nothing about cars. Options they know well but cars, nope.
    A car is just another "white goods" item thats better IF it has been fully clone approved.
    It gets these buyers to work and they feel, it impresses strangers, workmates and pals alike and believe this makes them very impressive.
    Why buy a car that has less when more is better just because it is more!
    Id bet my life that well over 50% dont even know what they want let alone why they want it and just nod when the salesman says "You'll NEED this".

    An example of this pared back approach which did very well is the Impreza RA.
    Subaru sold a lot of these and they really were properly stripped, they didnt have underseal, sound proofing, a radio or AC let alone any useless tat.
    The RA was indeed a beautiful and sporty car. Had nothing, weighed 1170kg, handled beautifully.
    They command a premium now and are sought after.
    If buyers wanted extras they had to buy a different model, the RA was the RA.

    Why do Manufacturers resist a basic offering so aggresively IF it is only "a few" buyers who want a simple car?
    It would cost them NOTHING in labour to supply cars that have nothing installed.

    It is my belief that those profiting handsomely may be lying. A LOT.

  • 300bhp/ton 23 Nov 2012

    MarkRSi said:
    Great if you want a 2-seater sports car, huge choice. Although I don't think any are building any kind of stripped out hatchback/205 GTi replacement (or at least a small 4-seater) AFAIK?
    I admit if you want a 4 seater hatchback then your choices are more limited.

    But to be honest why must you buy new if that's the case?

    Looking at the Ford website the ST is £21-26.5k OTR + £1200 for this upgrade to 280hp.

    Parkers seem to suggest that over 3 years it'll lose 30-35% of it's value (and even more if you own for 5 years).

    That's £7000-9000 you'll lose in 3 years.

    For this sort of money you could for a fraction of the price buy a mint old school hatch without all the fancy aides and gadgets. You could then spend some money making it better than new and upgrading a few bits.

    End result would be for less money you'd have essentially a 'new' car to your own spec, only wearing an older number plate. Of course you'll never get that money back, but you'll likely lose a lot less than the £7-9k you would with a new ST.

  • MarkRSi 23 Nov 2012

    300bhp/ton said:
    There's also quite a healthy kit car and low volume production cars available. So for all of those who think the ST is over weight with too many options, why not go and look up Ginetta, GTM, GTD, Marlin and a good many others and truly support the British car industry.
    Great if you want a 2-seater sports car, huge choice. Although I don't think any are building any kind of stripped out hatchback/205 GTi replacement (or at least a small 4-seater) AFAIK?

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