Ford in 1991: PH Ad Break

Continuing our series of looks back at car ads of old, we’ve found this classic. Unlike our previous Chrysler Laser ad, this one’s probably far more likely to have some of you stroking your chins and smiling fondly with recognition, as it comes from our shores.

'I think we need more screens, Bob...'
'I think we need more screens, Bob...'
It’s Ford’s 1991 ‘Everything We Do’ ad, and it’s surprisingly well-known among car ad geeks. Set to a rousing soundtrack – a cheesily-tweaked version of Brian May’s excellent ‘Driven By You’, to be precise – it features a selection of shots of Fords being variously bumped, jiggled, bonked, smashed, scribbled, yumped and – a touch oddly – watched on a huge multiplex of TV screens. The message is obvious: ‘We spend oodles of time making sure our cars are built right, and we do it all for you.’

The only slight fly in that worthy ointment is that some of the cars shown in the ad were, to be frank, a bit pap. The crescendo of irony comes, for example, when the lyric ‘we’re working night and day to make a dream come true’ happens to fall at the exact same time as an early, CVH-powered Mk5 Escort Cabriolet – widely acknowledged to be one of the worst cars Ford’s ever made – wobbles across the screen.

'A dream come true', apparently...
'A dream come true', apparently...
Still, there are some redeeming moments. Check out the slow-mo Sapphire Cosworth rally car flying across the camera at the start, for example. Or the moment the same Sapphire Cosworth rally car hurtles sideways at you toward the end. Or the brief flash of the Sapphire Cosworth rally car arriving at the finish of a faux rally stage. So, basically, all the bits that feature a Sapphire Cosworth rally car, then? Er... something like that, yes...

Nevertheless, if you want a minute and a half that’ll brighten up your day with a satisfying glob of genuinely earnest nostalgia, you’ve found it. Enjoy!

Thanks to TVArk for posting the video!



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  • olly22n 07 Mar 2013

    s m said:
    mollytherocker said:
    A bit of useless trivia for you.

    The RS2000 add used the famous black RUD1T car, but Ford thought it looked odd so made it RUD 111T. The owner was an accountant and it was meant to look like audit.

    I used to see the car at many shows in the 90s, it was concours. He also had a mint RS1800 and Mexico.
    Hemant's RS1800 was BDA 1T - I used to own BDA 8T which was a Venetian Red RS2000 but is now black
    I can remember bda 1t. My uncles is Obc 4p

  • MonkeySpanker 05 Mar 2013

    Escort Si-130 said:
    It was a good car the mk5 RS2000, but would have always been overshadowed by the RS Cosworth.

    Devil2575 said:
    Indeed, wasn't the MkV Escort RS2000 a bit of a dog crapping on the RS2000 name...
    I had a '91 Mk5 RS2000 & it was miles better than a boggo Mk5 & it looked quite distinctive with the bonnet bulges. 150ish bhp was pretty good for those days, the 16V engine was based on the Sierra 8V Twin Cam & weighed about as much as the car. The zetec engine wasn't ready for when the car was launched & was never fitted into the Escort in 2.0 guise. They still rusted like the Titanic's anchor though, mine even started going rusty around the roof eek

    BUT, it was a cynical marketing ploy trading on the nostalgia of the original to call it an RS, they also tried to sell a Mexico version of the Mk6 furious

  • IainW 04 Mar 2013

    soad said:
    In 1980 it says Jimmy was driving the Sierra, when infact it wasn't even in existence then and he was driving GM products at that time! Good McRae Jnr lookalike though!

    I remember the Brian May ad well, even though I was only 10 at the time.

  • X5TUU 04 Mar 2013

    awesome advert and still remember it like it was yesterday, with my dad's 1990 G plate Imperial Blue Sierra Sapphire Cosworth sat on the drive ... todays bland car adverts cant shine a light to the late 80's/early 90's era adverts! smile

  • quiraing 04 Mar 2013

    [quote=TonyHetherington]Ok, think of some other famous car adverts?


    Capri 2.8 Injection - it goes like lightning

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