Golf GTD announced

Now, we’ll tread carefully here because the last time talked about diesel Volkswagens it seemed like the whole of PH was going to explode in a gigantic fit of righteous indignation.

Sensible shoes, GTI-esque looks
Sensible shoes, GTI-esque looks
Bear with us, though, these things do exist and, ahead of the new Mk7 Golf GTI, Volkswagen has announced that the first of the hot ‘new’ Golfs out of the blocks (that Mk6-based Golf R cabrio doesn’t count) will be the GTD. Indeed, VW is claiming a decent headstart overall in the warm-to-hot diesel hatch, having “introduced European car drivers to an intoxicating blend of practicality, high performance and abstemiousness” 30 years ago now.

The new GTI promises much, a trick active locking differential included, but it seems the GTD is more a spec option than a true GTI-TDI. True, it gets a significant power boost to 184hp and 280lb ft over the current range-topping 2.0 TDI GT with its 150hp and 236lb ft. It’s also usefully more potent than the Mk6 GTD, which had 170hp and 258lb ft. It’s not slow either, 0-62 taking just 7.5 seconds (8.1 in the previous GTD) and topping out at 142mph. As you’d expect, the figures that’ll really interest many are the CO2- and mpg-related ones, which come in at a very impressive 109g/km and 67.3 for a manual three-door as opposed to 139g/km and 53.3mpg on the Mk6.

34hp hike over the 2.0 GT TDI is useful
34hp hike over the 2.0 GT TDI is useful
This being from the posher >120hp end of the new Golf range, the GTD also gets the fancier multi-link rear suspension set-up and a smattering of GTIesque fixtures and fittings including the traditional plaid cloth upholstery, 18-inch Nogaro wheels, smoked rear lights and ‘sports suspension’ among other things.

VW has confirmed a European starting price of 29,350 euros, a 2,500-euro hike over the next most expensive diesel in the range. In the UK that equates to a GT 2.0 TDI, which starts at £22,810 for a three-door manual. Call it £25K by the time you’re done then; a 218hp BMW 125d M Sport that’ll do 0-62 in 6.5 seconds, by comparison, is yours from £27,500. Slower, then, but potentially more attractively priced, the GTD brings a useful turn of speed for sensible shoes Monday to Friday transport. Which you can, with luck, exorcise at the weekend with something noisy and more fun.

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  • andrewparker 08 Jan 2015

    funkyrobot said:
    My mum has a 2007 Golf GT that has the same fan issue. Could be the regen on her car too. Did they do this on 07 models? Thanks.
    Yep, the 2007 Golf GT has a DPF, so it will need to do a regen periodically. It's perfectly normal, most of the time I'm completely unaware my GTD is doing it, but there has been a few occasions when it has started doing one near to the end of a journey and has subsequently been interrupted when I've turned the car off. If it has happened a few times in close succession I'd take the car for a good long drive.

  • va1o 08 Jan 2015

    My 2011 has done the fan thing once, I assume it's DPF related

  • funkyrobot 08 Jan 2015

    My mum has a 2007 Golf GT that has the same fan issue. Could be the regen on her car too. Did they do this on 07 models? Thanks.

  • illmonkey 08 Jan 2015

    Thanks for reassuring.

    Stupid diesels!

  • BoostMonkey 08 Jan 2015

    illmonkey said:
    It's almost done 3k!
    Completely normal, when I first got mine the smell was quite alarming coupled with the fan when you've interrupted the regen process.
    But it does get less frequent, I’m not on 19k after 10 months and it occurs much less often.

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