Honda 'hands': PH Ad Break

Ad Break is quite often a chance for a chuckle at outdated attitudes and crap cars being touted as the newest latest. But, every now and then, advertisers actually do something clever and worth watching.

We’ve rightly celebrated Audi’s clever subversion of rules preventing the supposed glorification of fast cars. And here’s yet another clever little advertising ditty from Honda, always masters of ‘smart’ adverts that brilliantly communicate the brand’s engineering-led ethos and diversity with an innocent child-like glee for cool stuff.

Take it away Honda


P.H. O'meter

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  • dobly 12 Aug 2013

    CR-Z Mugen 1.5 RZ - sold in Japan in 2012 with a supercharged version of the standard 1.5l IMA engine, making 156PS. Available "used" with delivery mileage for 30kGBP + fees.......

  • Rick_1138 09 Aug 2013

    Its a shame as, as a brand, Honda is probably my favourite and I have had many of their models from lawnmowers to cars, the issue is in the last 5 years they have made nothing that has caught my interest and as someone said earlier, their adverts are more interesting than their vehicles frown, car wise at least.

    To date I have had 2 NC30 VFR 400's, a CB1000R and am restoring a CBR 400RRL. I have also had a 1998 Integra DC-2 Type R which I fully restored nut and bolt, a daily BB4 Prelude 2.2 VTEC (which needs a new home) and a 4 stroke lawnmower smile.

    The only cars that caught my eye before I bought the 350z were the new Accord, I think it looks cool, but the residual prices and the dull as dishwater engines put me right off, even a decent 2.5 petrol would have been good fun, and the CR-Z looks amazing and I almost bought one, but the 130bhp put me off, if it had 150-160 I would have had it in a shot.

    I really really hope the next Civic Type R is something special as they keep promising with its 4 years gestation as its a car I would look at new after the 350.

    Oh and I will take a fireblade in repsol colours please.

  • specialman 08 Aug 2013

    RenOHH said:
    What the...
    I wasn't very eloquent smile

    I mean, the branding is good, it breeds trust. People who don't own Audis (or do own them) know they're buying into pedigree, a degree of luxury and sportiness, regardless of whether they're buying the cheapest car Audi produces or not. It's that whole thing of belonging to a brand and aspiring to move up to that's brand's highest level. In this vase that is the R8. If the range stopped at the A3 then the aspiration wouldn't be as great.

    Apple has done this extremely well over the past 10-15 years, encouraging consumers to stick with it with the prospect of new, exciting tech that can make the owner feel part of something a bit special. The reality is that Apple generally takes existing tech and fine-tunes it and then markets it very, very well.

    Anyway, I digress - I didn't even notice the RWD Civic **face palm** smile

    Edited by specialman on Thursday 8th August 23:58

  • HereBeMonsters 08 Aug 2013

    Just a great way of showing how boringly bland all their current offerings look, really...

  • StuMI16 08 Aug 2013

    RenOHH said:
    Wow. Thanks for that link, that's incredible.
    I thought so too , very special

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