Ken Block's Gymkhana Five - Time for Tea?

We'll be honest here. When we heard that Ken Block was making another iteration of his gymkhana video series, we were a little cynical.

Sure, the master of the art of hoonery has become an internet sensation over the years, and his ability to make a hugely powerful 4wd rally car do hilarious things is broadly unparalleled. But (whisper it) we were getting just a little bored of it all, so we thought Gymkhana Five might be a mild disappointment.

It's not. The reason? Block's taken his 650hp Fiesta onto the streets of San Francisco, and any project that gets the Bay Bridge closed specifically for the purposes of hooning earns our eternal respect. Plus, some of the jumps as he careers around the famously hilly city are truly giggleworthy.

Ken, we salute you.


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  • chris116 19 Jul 2012

    Brilliant, always enjoy these. cool

  • Rallyz 14 Jul 2012

    vxah said:
    So am i correct in thinking that was the twisty Lombard street he smoked up the wrong way? I was there driving it last week! Awesome!!
    It was Vermont Street, see

  • BlackPrince 13 Jul 2012

    TankRS said:
    Juha Kankkunen was active in the WRC until 2002 and made a guest appearance on WRC Finland in 2010. So unless your 8 or 2, if its the latter bloody good work on learning to use a PC and doing it so well so quickly, i’d imagine he’s been active for a good part of your life. Being recognised and well documented he probably wasnt as it was towards the tail end of his career and in the middle of a great battle between McRae/Burns/Gronholm/Martin/Panizzi etc

    tongue out
    I meant that derisively towards the iconoclastic-for-the-sake-of-it numpties on this thread :P

    and for the record, I used to watch every WRC race from the late 90s until the early 2000s when Speedvision in Canada stopped televising the races and started showing bloody NASCAR 24/7, so am intimately familiar with Kankunnen's accomplishments, though I really only started watching WRC when he drove with Sainz for Ford and w/ Burns for Subaru, and then he retired after that IIRC

  • just me 13 Jul 2012

    Yes, looked like it. I think they blocked traffic up top, let him go up and down for a couple of takes.
    Early Saturday morning almost at first light.

    Did you drift your rental car at all? I tried it today in a friend's old Caddillac today. Ended up in a hedge but couple more takes and I should have it down hehe.

  • vxah 12 Jul 2012

    just me said:
    Good point. To each his own. I never understood people who did nothing but store and polish their cars and brag about the low mileage. I am not in that camp, and I wouldn't be one of those protesting. I guess people protest anything. All I can do is state what I like or love. I like this video ok, I don't love it. Certainly I don't dislike it or hate it. It's a fun thing even though it doesn't hold my interest for more than a couple of minutes. The San Fran setting is interesting too, especially since I live nearby and have many shots of exotic car drives on the same bridge, streets and exit ramps (some are in even better SF locations). I guess the Golden Gate bridge and Marina Green were fogged in on the day he filmed there...
    Would be hard to see him through this...!thumbup

    Edited by just me on Wednesday 11th July 20:37
    So am i correct in thinking that was the twisty Lombard street he smoked up the wrong way? I was there driving it last week! Awesome!!

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