Kia Pro_Cee'd - details

So, we already knew Kia's new Pro_Cee'd and Cee'd GT would pack a 204hp, 1.6-litre turbo, come in three- (Pro_...) and five-door (Cee'd) formats. But, bar some teaser sketches, we didn't know what it would look like.

New Pro_Cee'd three-door spawns GT version
New Pro_Cee'd three-door spawns GT version
Rather smart, it turns out. Ahead of its Geneva debut in March Kia has released a batch of official pics of the new three-door Pro_Cee'd in its new fire-breathing GT spec, red brake calipers and all. Fire breathing? OK, that's perhaps a little strong. But having conquered the style and reliability high ground thanks to, respectively, designer and now big boss Peter Schreyer and those famous long warranties Kia clearly now fancies adding desirability to the reasons you might choose a Cee'd over the more established rivals.

Even in standard form the new Cee'd is a handsome thing, Schreyer's now trademark 'Tiger's nose' (we think this probably should be in the Viz Profanisaurous somewhere but can't quite think why) heading up a confident, sculpted body with great visual strength and balance. Aforementioned red calipers, Recaro seats and a host of other 'sporty' baubles tick all the boxes too. Will we look beyond the badge though? As ever, that's going to be big question but, on paper at least, the GT has enough oomph to live up to the name. And, if nothing else, promise some significantly reduced times on Top Gear celebs' leaderboard. Still reasonably priced though? We'll see about that.

Red brake calipers - clearly fast in that case
Red brake calipers - clearly fast in that case
Has Kia got the chassis know-how to go head to head with established European rivals though? The official line is downplayed, 'it's a warm hatch, not a hot hatch' humility, which is probably a sensible tactic given that if they were going the whole hog they'd be expecting to outplay the likes of the Focus ST, Megane 265 and impending Golf GTI at the first go.

Rather Kia has taken aim at some (slightly) softer targets like the Scirocco and Astra GTC, the VW available with a 210hp 2.0-litre while the most potent non-VXR Astra packs 180hp from a turbo 1.6. The Scirocco costs - at a bare minimum - £27.5K while the Astra in SRI trim starts from a rather more reasonable £22K. 204hp driving through a six-speed manual Kia is promising 0-62mph in 7.9 seconds, which doesn't tell us a whole lot but it should at least be what we'd consider 'brisk' if not actually fast.

UK sales of the three-door Pro_Cee'd GT start in the summer, the five-door Cee'd GT to follow later in the year. Expect more pricing and spec details around Geneva.




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  • Super Slo Mo 18 Apr 2013

    va1o said:
    Super Slo Mo said:
    I'd be very surprised if you can, Audi were offering the A1 sport 1.4 tsi (or the 1.6 diesel) for just shy of £280 with a similar deposit.

    Chances of getting a 2.0 Golf or A3 for under £300 per month with a £1,500 deposit are slim.
    Sorry but your wrong, it's easily doable. I found this without even trying - £1.5k deposit and £225 inc vat pcm. I've seen them for less before you just have to look arround.
    I realise it's digging up an old thread, but headline rates on Contract Hire and Leasing are, in my experience, somewhat optimistic.

    Of course, specific deals can, and do crop up from time to time, although quite often they're left up on CH&L long after the deal has expired as a way to draw in customers.

    The other thing is that, of course, the rate is mileage specific, and often the very best deals are pre-registered cars, so there are no choices about the spec, it's a 'take it or leave it' thing.

    Having said that, there were a bunch of pre-reg Skoda Superb SE 170 TDI's up at a cracking rate back in Sept/Oct 2012. I think at 10,000 miles per annum they were being punted out at around £220 + VAT or less per month (3 months deposit too). We got three of them, but at higher annual mileages, and thus cost. The only choice was colour.

  • SebastienClement 18 Apr 2013

    Ferosferio said:
    The overall shape may be a tad generic but that is one good looking hatch.

    Among a plethora of basic Euro-boxes, Kia seem to be doing pretty well but it remains to be seen if their attempt at a hot/warm hatch will tempt their target audience away from the established segment leaders. Fingers crossed for them, it would be nice to see it succeed.
    Or even : Suc_Cee'd

  • Agoogy 18 Apr 2013 we have the rear of the GT...better...just....

    we get the twin pipes I asked for and better resolved lower lighting blocks... thank you KIA thumbup

    Edited by Agoogy on Thursday 18th April 12:22

  • STrich 17 Apr 2013

    Agoogy said:
    Very low-key from the rear....would have liked a dual exhaust or something diffusery..

    I don't like the lower black detailing with lights at all.... a big miss (depsite nice enough rear lamp cluster/LED detail)...bugger all rear visibilty I'm guessing too?
    That's just the Pro_Cee'd, not the GT.

  • Paul O 29 Jan 2013

    Auto express are claiming a price of £22k for the GT. I might be out of touch with prices but that seems a lot.

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